Going everywhere

… not by using my arms though!  They are so incredibly sore from the Pole Fitness class I did on Tuesday night. Shoulders through my arms and entirety of my core scream at me quite often right now.  Even the crook in my elbow is sore!  I didn’t even know that could be possible!  It was a very fun class though. I can’t wait until I can hold my own against the pole with a little more grace than I exhibited on Tuesday.  Imagine a baby giraffe standing on its hind legs while clinging to a tree, trying to lift the hind legs in a froggy swimming motion around the tree, and then falling to the ground… That’s what I looked like. Practice will make me better though and next time will be much better!

What I mean by going everywhere was partially covered in yesterday’s post when I announced that I’m going to start tracking my food on SparkPeople instead to save some mooh-lah. I’ve decided that I’m also going to put my posts from WW onto my SparkPage one as well =) So that’s 3 places where my blog will be… that’s a lot of copying and pasting. But I want to, so there.

So… that’s all I have to say today!  Going to a concert tonight and I’m planning on walking there so I can get some activity in for today since it’s only a few blocks away from my office. I even made sure to bring my tennies to work–WIN!

What do you love most about tracking?


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