Blaming the Hormones

So the rant last time? A little unwarranted.

The gain and bloating? Consequential.

Did it last? NOPE! *squeeeee*

Because I was feeling like schnipe on Friday, I threw myself onto the elliptical for 75 minutes after work and did some muscle work too before relaxing for the night. I slept in until I naturally woke up (around 9:30) and realized I could make it to the later WW meeting. Even if I didn’t weigh in, still going to the meeting was better than not going. Just because of my every day pattern, I hopped on the scale at home and completely unable to understand WTH my body was pulling on me.

It gave me courage to step on the scale at WI. Down .4 from last week! The 4 pounds that I thought I’d gained the previous morning was just from bloating and the glass of wine I’d had on Thursday night. So my workouts all week did pay off anyway… I’m sure my body is just adjusting to everything. And other good news? The acne is well on it’s way out the door. =)

I think I was just being overly emotional. I’m so blaming the hormones.

The weekend was a lazy one sadly. I was supposed to go on a hike with my BFF yesterday but then it started raining. Definitely doing something tonight to counteract that.

Looking forward to a great lunch with pork, and a romaine salad topped with craisins and blueberries! Yum!

Ever blown something regarding your weight loss journey out of proportion and then laughed about it afterward? =)


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