All About Choices

Last night, I went to dinner with an old high school friend. Olive Garden… I didn’t even open the menu. I knew exactly what I was going to get.

My friend opens the menu and says, “What you want isn’t on here! Is it a completely new menu?” So I asked our server if they still did it… and they did.  Yippee!  So I ordered the Linguini alla Marinara and even asked for the whole grain pasta for the first time ever.  Guess what? Turned out to be so much tastier than the regular old pasta which doesn’t have half the nutrients. It was also much more filling–I saved a little less than half for my lunch today. =)

That simple choice of asking for the whole grain pasta made all the difference!  If it had been the regular pasta, there was no doubt I would have polished it all off last night.

What weight loss and maintenance comes down to is the choices we make.
We decide to commit (or recommit as I’m seeing a couple people do today– <3’s).
We decide to make our lives healthier by making specific choices when it comes to our food, like swapping out the regular starchy pasta for the nutritional, filling whole grain counterpart.
We decide how to use our Points to how they fit in our lifestyle and not someone else’s.
And we make the choice to be more active in our life.

Sometimes the choices are good, sometimes not so good… But that’s life for you!  You can’t grow unless you backtrack a little.

This is a positive choice we’re making
. So let’s follow it through til the end! =)

Happy Hump Day everyone!


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