In My High Heels

I’m in love with my Jessica Simpson black pumps.  They are hot.  I wore them for the first time out last night.  And now I’m wearing them at work with a pencil skirt and… just… yeah. I love them. =D Which brings me to an intriguing thought…

Does walking/running/dancing in high heels burn more calories than without?  Is it a more effective workout in some way?

Because it should be! Do guys even know how much work it is to walk in heels let alone be coordinated on the dance floor or to even run to catch the bus/train in 2-4 (sometimes even 5!) inch death traps?

There is definitely something that heels can do for a woman, granted they don’t topple over in them.

One- They make our legs and tushes look so much better.
Two- I don’t know if it’s the height or what, but I’ve noticed that girls tend to be a bit more confident when they pop on their favorite pair of high heels.
Three- Maybe they just make us feel sexy!

Here’s my favorite high heels quote for you.  Compliments of She’s the Man.

“I will pick out my own dress. And no, I will not wear high heels. Because heels are a male invention designed to make women’s butts look smaller… and to make it harder for them to runaway.”

=D Have a good one!


One thought on “In My High Heels

  1. I LOVE ‘She’s the Man’! and I LOVE my high heels, though I rarely wear them… I mean I work at a medical office, they just don’t go with my scrubs. ;)

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