5 To Vegas!

So I’m in a little need of stepping up my game.

A trip to Vegas is coming up this weekend!  I know that doesn’t give me much time and I’m not expecting to see anything drastic.  A recovery from this weekend is definitely needed though.  Went out for dinner both Saturday and Sunday, had a little activity but not much (Pole fitness! I’m getting better!), and my body is certainly feeling it.  Commence Operation 52V!

It’s going to be very, very hot down there. So I will likely be wearing clothes that expose a little more than jeans-and-tees me is used to (including the lovely cream summer dress I bought on sale this weekend).  So the objective here is to feel  fabulous clubbing and at the poolside! =)

Here are my 5 objectives to help me feel fabulous in time for the weekend:

~ Take all of my vitamins and minerals (D-1000, calcium/magnesium/something-else, fish oil, biotin, and of course, my daily gummy)
~ Begin and end each day with a cup of tea
~ Activity every day!
-Monday: Elliptical 67 minute program, arms/abs work.
-Tuesday: Go to the gym and ride a bike for 45-60 minutes, depending on plans.
-Wednesday: Body Pump & Zumba Fitness.
-Thursday: Hoping to do a Zumba DVD if it gets here, if not then elliptical again, major stretching since Body Pump will kick my butt and I know I’ll be sore.
-Friday: Likely dancing the night away in Vegas! =)
~ Make a strong, conscious effort to choose wholesome foods over junk and over-processed things.
~ Stick with water, milk, and tea if I want a drink. No diet soda or alcohol (until I get to Vegas anyways :P).

I’ll document these in my blog this week as I go. Today so far, looking good!  Good breakfast and lunch choices, had about 70 oz of water thus far, gummy and D vitamins knocked out (I take the other ones with dinner), activity is planned for right after work, and had some tea this morning.

I think where I’ll struggle is dinner. It’s never planned and I think I’m due for a date this week and I know for sure that I’m going out with a buddy tomorrow night. Again, I’ll do my best with what I’m given!

Here’s to feeling amazing for this weekend!

What do you do to amp up your program when it’s needed?


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