52V – On a Roll!

Yesterday turned out quite well as far as Operation 52V started!

Got all of my vitamins. Had my two cups of tea. Exercised for 80 minutes. When I heard my stepdad was making chicken alfredo, I asked him to keep some chicken and pasta to the side without the sauce, topped them with pure Italian olive oil (so YUM!) and Italian seasoning.  Italian chocolate has less preservatives and are more natural than US chocolate bars, so I allowed myself a small piece of one I saved from Italy in our freezer as an after dinner treat. To top it all off, I was in bed by 9:45 and finished reading by 10:15, getting plenty of sleep for today. A perfect day in my book! =)

Today is heading off well too… Started with some stove-top oatmeal with a few dried cranberries, and had some of my pasta leftovers from last night for lunch. Had my tea and taken half of my vitamins.  The gym is definitely calling my name today!  I forgot that there is a yoga class at my gym tonight, so I’m wondering whether to do that or do the bike like I originally planned. It’s the only tolerable yoga instructor at my gym… But if I do yoga, I won’t be able to read like I wanted to on the bike!

I just remembered tonight’s plans got canceled… so I can do both if I want!  Yep, that sounds good to me. =)

What is your favorite way to prepare pasta so that it’s friendly with your plan?


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