52V – Feeling Great!

I’m really liking this Operation 52V!  I’m not even sure what’s motivating me… maybe it’s the feeling fabulous factor.  And two days in, I’m already feeling quite amazing so I’m excited and pumped to keep going! =)

Yesterday, got my vitamins and my morning tea, had really good-for-me meals, did the stationary bike at the gym for an hour before popping into the yoga class (my flexibility needs a LOT of work… I’ve lost it a little).  I didn’t do tea before bed.  Instead I warmed some skim milk mixed with sugar free cocoa because of my workout.  Milk was needed instead of just heated water–milk has substance and will help me build up my muscles. And I needed some dairy anyway. 

Again, I was in bed by 10, but I didn’t fall asleep til 11 because friends kept texting me and they were people I didn’t want to say good bye too.  I’m trying to build a sleep schedule… even though I know Vegas will completely mess it up.  I’ll just have to get right back into it when I get home. Be in bed (not necessarily sleeping) by 10 and wake up at 6:30.  Wish me luck.  When the school year starts, I wonder how well that will keep up.

My mom recently got this Honey Whole Wheat Bread… and it seriously tastes and feels homemade and truly wholesome!  2 slices for my sandwich last night were so scrumptious that I just had to replicate it for my lunch today.  Don’t you love discovering new good-for-you foods that actually taste good?

I’m on the fence whether I want to do just Zumba tonight or Body Pump beforehand on top of it.  Here are the plus-minus of Body Pump: Give me shmexy muscles but could potentially leave me really sore for the weekend. Will tire me out for Zumba so I won’t be able to give it my all like I want to.  I’ve gotten some great activity this week so I’m thinking maybe just do Zumba then work in some push ups and ab/leg work afterward instead of ensuring pain for the weekend (not exactly ideal for Vegas).  Plus, then I’d be able to get in a good workout tomorrow night too if I’m not sore.  Thoughts?

So far in this operation, I’m feeling great! And this morning, looking in the mirror, I saw some awesome definition in my abs that I hope to improve even a little more.  It’s those darn obliques that are hard to minimize… And my acne is almost back to it’s former glory. WIN! Perhaps all these healthy habits are accelerating their exit…

When it comes to activity, do you like to fit in cardio and strength training on the same day?  Or do you prefer to do them on separate days (like in some kind of weekly schedule)?


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