52V- Almost There!

I forgot my cup of tea last night before bed… but that was because I couldn’t drag myself out of my bed!  Zumba class kicked my trash last night.  Foregoing Body Pump may have been the smartest choice I’ve made all week.

But I leave for Vegas tomorrow after work! OMG!  Yep, pretty sure I cannot wait.  I’m excited to wear my new dress. =)

On the tea front, I just snuck another into my afternoon. And I’m actually surprisingly sore!  Last night in Zumba I noticed that my shoulders were unexpectedly tight.  Me thinks the culprit is yoga since I hadn’t done it in forever.

Scary thought… I may not have time to get in some legitimate activity tonight. I have so much to do before I leave (change the car oil, buy a few things, get my nails fixed–yes that’s legit–, and pack!) that activity may just have to wait.

Yeah and it took me approximately 4 hours to write this!  Sorry about that!  I’ll do a better one tomorrow elaborating how 52V ultimately turns out.



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