52V – Wrapping Up!

Even though yesterday I couldn’t get in any legitimate activity, I walked a bit from the grocery store, around the grocery store, and then walked to the salon that was a few stores down from it. I did eat out for dinner but I made smart choices and had the whole grain option yet again! Seriously I don’t know why I didn’t start eating stuff like that sooner… so much more tasty and satisfying…

All in all, I think 52V was a success!  Got in my vitamins, exercise, tea, made great food choices, and even tried to improve my sleeping patterns.  I’m going to try and keep most of that stuff going through the weekend. I think I want to focus on getting my water–without my routine/72 oz bottle with me, it may be a challenge.  Then make as good of food choices as I can.  Dancing and walking will be high, I’m sure.  Packed my gummy vitamins, forgot the rest of them and the tea… but I think I’ll be ok if I watch myself.

I’m feeling great!  I even woke up at my alarm which I set for 6 AM and I actually got up instead of rolling over and going back to bed. Yeah, pretty sure that never happens.  Mornings aren’t my forte.  Maybe all these things are helping there too.

Except I may need something in the form of lots of vitamins designed to keep you alert for my drive down.  I was up late packing and although I got out of bed easily, the 6 hours of sleep is not enough and I can feel it now.  Lo-carb Monster anyone?

When I return, I have a new Operation in mind (actually going through with 52V makes me want to keep going!).  My senior year of college starts at the end of August and that will be the deadline. Still working out what exactly I want to accomplish, but I’ll have updates on that on Monday/Tuesday!

I hope you all have lovely weekends! Have fun, be safe, keep going with your program, and I’m going to quote my Leader here — “Keep your tracker!” =)

Vegas, here I come!


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