The Vegas Report

Water:  Met expectations – A
Soda: Exceeded expectations (none!) – A+
Activity:  Well Balanced – B+

  • Went on a hike with my dad and my puppies
  • Did some pool time
  • More walking around the strip and through casinos than expected
  • … but there was a lot of lounging around, relaxing with my dad. Much sleep was caught up on. =)

Alcohol: Only had one! – A

Now this is where it gets tricky…

Food: TBAA (to be announced after)
My dad is one of those parents who likes the simple meals. Like cereal for breakfast and ordering pizza for dinner.  So I had Cap’n Crunch 2 mornings in a row. I’m so not complaining… I haven’t had that stuff in a few years so it was worth it. Dad did manage to have wheat bread, so I was able to slap together a PBJ.  His fridge was stocked with fresh strawberries and cantaloupe *drool*. We had a BBQ on Sunday that was very good too, with a little chicken, a little steak, beans, corn, and a small redskin potato with the fruit for dessert.
Now we hit the big but
You know how during TOM, your body seems to think it knows what you should eat?  I ran into that problem. I wasn’t aware at the time that Tommy was coming but I should have known because the uncontrollable cravings/urges always hit the day before. My mind was possessed long enough for me to stop at Walmart under the pretense of buying my family the Super Mario Bros for Wii only to come home with a large bag of pretzel M&Ms along with the game. OOOPS!  That stuff is like crack, I swear to Zeus!  My dad tried a few, but ultimately I ate the rest.  In 2 hours.  Someone needs to tie me up and keep me from any grocer/gas station/etc. when those urges strike because who knows what I’ll buy!
So how do I grade this?  I don’t regret eating that bag in the slightest. I don’t see it as me being “bad”… It’s just a learning experience!  So because I learned from my momentary lapse of Tommy-induced judgement, I’m not going to dock myself as much…
Final Food Grade: C+

That works for me! I had a good time! =)

Up next…. Operation Pre-Senior Year!  Starting now until August 20th since the semester starts on the 23rd and that’s when OSY will commence.
Generally, similar things as 52V had for this operation, perhaps just not as intensive, like not an hour of activity every and one glass of tea a day.

  • No soda
  • Activity & tea everyday
  • Make more wholesome food choices than not
  • Keep taking my vitamins
  • Continue to work on getting enough sleep… continually a challenge
  • Track everything! (accidentally left this out last time… eesh!)

Objective: Look good and feel great! Maybe even work towards getting to the solid 150 on the scale… I’m excited for OPSY! Wow. Just realized that that almost looks like oopsy. Um, different name people? I need better beginning karma than an operation that spells oopsy. Haha.

How would you grade your weekend?


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