Hmmm… very interesting responses to my last post’s question about when you track your day! Goes to show that different things work for different people.  Thanks everyone! School has been so crazy I missed blogging yesterday and I couldn’t even track yesterday until today. Yeah… it’s been interesting.  But fun!

I have given myself about fifteen minutes of computer time to blog and catch up on stuff until I have to go read a play.  Reading “Herbal Bed” which is actually quite good so far!

So with the activity of walking around campus (averaging 40 minutes of walking a day), I nearly put off working out today.  Last night was Zumba so I never miss that and I know I have pole tomorrow and Saturday morning so bailing tonight seemed tempting.  I even posted on my Facebook that my workouts would have to get the backburner when it came to homework.  About five minutes later I realized how stupid of a statement that was and I took it back.

Right now, I have school, homework, my sports internship (which has me doing work that could fill a full-time job), and my other part time job.  I’m a busy person just like a ton of other people out there… so what are we to do about activity?

Activity has already become such a priority in my life that I simply can’t just stop.  So even though I did about 40 minutes of walking around campus today, I hopped on the elliptical for an hour and went through my resistance circuit (strength training I guess).  And I still have an hour if not more to get a good chunk of my reading done.  The stress of the homework is what usually keeps me from working out because I’m just not “in the mood.”  And guess what?  Being active helps relieve that kind of stress!  So it’s like I have to keep doing it anyway just to keep myself sane!  Isn’t it crazy how those kinds of things work?

My health is my priority. Before school, before my jobs, and before anyone else.  That may seem selfish, but if I don’t have my health I don’t have anything.  I wouldn’t be able to do anything!  Staying active and getting in my workouts is a huge part of that.  Same goes for choosing healthier foods.  I’m going to need my energy for this year and junk food simply won’t cut it.

Oh, boy. Speaking of junk food, I just remembered my internship provides dinner usually for the workers at events.  And if I remember correctly, it was usually pizza or something just as greasy and not so healthy.  That’s going to be an interesting adventure.  I already pack lunches but I don’t know if I have room to pack some sort of dinner too… yep, like I said–this will be interesting.

At least I won’t be giving up my workouts. ;)

What are your priorities?  Do you make exercise/activity a priority?


My Shins Hurt!

All that walking yesterday has totally wreaked havoc on my legs. Just walking around campus today hurt like a mother right along the lines of my shins. You know… those spots?  I wanted to cry… seriously. The total walking count was about half of yesterdays with 55 minutes.  From where I park to my intern office is a good 25 minute walk alone!  Yep, it’s craziness.

Day 2 of senior year– way fun!  My Italian class will be very fun and I can’t wait to review my Italian skills… I seemed to be one of the ones who remembered more than others. Maybe going to Italy this summer helped ;)
And then Playwriting seems like it will be fun too. The professor is funny and has already assigned us to read a play. I have to share my play with another girl so I need to read it quickly so I can pass it to her.

I have been sleeping better these past couple nights though and getting a little over 8 hours of sleep both nights. It’s been so nice!  And then I have a great breakfast before I do anything. I got that tip from a couple sources and I’m liking the results so far–more energy and I don’t get hungry until noon with the kinds of breakfast I like to make (like peanut butter & bananas on Orowheat buns and oatmeal with berries and almonds).  Packing lunch has been nice though. Yummy sandwiches and fruit.  Tomorrow will likely be a microwave meal but that’s ok.

But now that homework is in the mix, I hope that sleep and breakfast won’t get compromised.  Back to my old job tomorrow morning though.  It seems so mundane compared to my new internship that I’m almost not looking forward to it… is that bad?

All this walking just makes me want to curl up in a ball upon coming home.  Here’s hoping the pain dwindles down so Zumba will be do-able tomorrow.

Now it’s off to homework… ugh. Those days are back too. Haha!

Speaking of homework:  when it comes to tracking, do you prefer to do it all at once at night or as you go along in your day?

When does your day end?

So it was a Battle of the Teas this morning at the office.  Yesterday, I ran out of my Tazo Zen Green tea.  ‘Twas a very sad day indeed.  So this morning, I brought a Tazo Black tea and a Honey Ginseng Green tea from my pantry so I could save money, both of which I haven’t tried before.  Bad idea.  The tazo black tea was simply unbearable and yucky.  So I dumped it.  I brewed up some of the green tea and ICK.  It just didn’t taste good.  So I dumped it. I was about to give up when I remembered there was English Teatime tea at the office already… and it was a winner!

During the battle, I vented about it on Twitter… Anaosborn told me that “Maybe it’s not the tea, maybe it’s you.”  Granted I did stay up way past my bed time for a night of frolicking, but a caffeine fix this morning via a good cup of tea was very needed.  Which brings to me what I’d like to ask about today…

When does your “tracking day” end?  When you fall asleep?  Or at midnight?

For me, sleeping is what resets my tracking day.  But sometimes, you wonder if that’s how it should be.  For example, last night I went out clubbing for girls night.  Danced from 11 to 1:30 AM then went to Denny’s where I had to eat something after all that dancing (Super Bird minus the bacon) and rolled into bed at 3:30 AM.  I’ve run into this situation before but I never know whether I should track it as yesterday or today.  I like to see my sleep being my barrier between days.  But if that’s the case then I went horribly over my range for yesterday.  But if I track it for today, then I can plan accordingly and maybe stay in range.  And then there’s the activity!  Do I count it for yesterday and today by splitting up the time? Or just one or the other?

Yeah… it’s a dilemma.  How would you deal?  Any help is appreciated… haha.

Campus Concerns

Can I just say that I cannot wait for school to start on Monday?  I’m counting down the minutes to when I won’t be confined to a desk all day, every day.  I’ll be walking around campus a little more.

There’s a major perk to my campus: it’s on a slope.  Which means a better workout going up it and coming down is easy which will be nice at the end of the day.

Today I got a chance to walk around campus, get my books, and do some work for my fall internship.  The only drawback?  The heat!  Oh goodness… the sweat marks on my shirt were almost embarrassing.  Luckily, there weren’t a lot of people around.

And that’s what I’m worried about when school starts!  The sweat marks!  And then the classrooms whose temperatures tend to match the outside.  Either that or will completely freezing.  And since it will be hot outside (I live in the desert), I really won’t want to wear or carry heavy clothes.  What to do, what to do…

As far as food goes, I’ll be bringing my own lunches so I’m not concerned really.  Need to save my money anyways.

Then there’s the classes themselves… No matter how much sleep I get at night, I have been known to nod off during class.  Last year, I relied caffeinated diet sodas to keep me awake.  With my new “no soda” kick, I have no idea what will help keep me awake if I fall into the horrible cycle of sleeping in class.  I seriously don’t mean to. I’ll even fall asleep while doodling.  Heck, I’ve even fallen asleep in choir before!  It’s usually when the class is excessively boring when my head will do that familiar head bob. I’m really hoping my classes will be interesting enough to keep me awake this semester.

Classes: Intro to Playwriting, Studies in Poetry, Women’s Chorus, Survey of Theater (online), and third-semester Italian.  Sounds fun right?  I’m really excited!  I should be entertained enough to stay awake… right? Haha!

How do you handle nodding off either at school or at the office?

Mondo Craving Alert!

Have you ever had a craving last longer than a week?  I’m suffering through it right now.  Seeing Eat Pray Love on Friday made it worse too.  Last night, I had every intention of indulging myself in my pizza craving on my way home from the water park (where greasy pizza ran rampant)…

Until my step-dad said “But I got you a New York steak!”  He knows that’s one of my favorites so it was very thoughtful of him.  I don’t know if it’s because I was craving something completely different or if it really was over-cooked, the steak wasn’t as good as usual.  I ended up eating chocolate and baked cheddar chips to wash it down. Not a good sign.

I WANT PIZZA!  Give me Dominos or a Godfathers dessert pizza really soon or I may… I don’t know but it won’t be pleasant.

And now I have a date tonight and I’m unsure if it’s a dinner date or not (dinner at 8?).  So it’s like… order pizza beforehand or just wait until tomorrow?  The idea of waiting another day seems truly painful at this point.  Maybe I should just scrap my leftover pasta idea and head down to a local pizza place for lunch…Their pizza is bomb too.

Have you ever had a legitimate craving this bad that’s lasted this long?  How do you cope if having it is a challenge?

UPDATE: Went out to lunch and had a slice of cheese pizza!  Craving satisfied!  My taste buds may still be saying more, my stomach and my brain is saying enough. I’m content now. =D

Shine On

Tis Friday the 13th!  What a wonderful day!  I always wished to be born on a Friday, but I was born on a Thursday (speaking of which… 2 months exactly until my birthday. Don’t remind me).  I’m going to keep this short and sweet and uplifting for the weekend!  Here is my favorite quotation by Marianne Williamson that I memorized when I was 17.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure
It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?
Actually who are you not to be?
You are a child of God
Your playing small does not serve the world
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
people won’t feel insecure around you
We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us
It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone
And as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give
other people the right to do the same
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence
automatically liberates others.

We’re all stars really… so let’s shine like stars!   Like the meteors that I saw shoot across the sky last night (which was amazing by the way)! See my regular blog if you want to know more about that.

Have a great weekend!  If you can, get out there late at night to see the stars!

The Future Me

Heather (madtownmotzie) mentioned her Goal self in her blog yesterday and today I stumbled across an article talking about how how helpful being connected to your future self can be to your slimming down, healthier and happier you.  I see that as a sign from the universe that I should talk about what my future self is so I too can connect with it.

The future me:

  • is active, strong, and loves to get up and move!
  • says no to food-pushers and is assertive in getting exactly what kinds of food she wants/needs.
  • can stop eating favorite sweets (known to present self as triggers) after one serving instead of devouring the whole bag (especially in one sitting).
  • is willing to try new foods even if the task seems daunting. But still has every right to spit it out if it tastes nasty. ;)
  • picks wholesome and healthy foods a majority of the time.
  • knows how to cook… preferably well.

The future me is also singing record-breaking albums and touring the world in sold-out concerts… either that or performing on Broadway.  … … Well, one can dream and strive for that right?  Haha!

What is the future/goal you like?

Gotta Kick It Up!

First off, thank you all for your input about your goals and what you think is good to work towards besides the number on the scale…

Which by the way I read a great quote about the scale today: “The scale measures only weight, not worth.” LOVE!

Last night, the stationary bike didn’t happen.  I dorked my knee somehow when I got home so I hopped on the elliptical for a little bit.  Giving up my activity now is a struggle!  I plan everything around my workouts… It’s almost a habit now and I like it.

There is one thing wrong with a habit though… you fall into it.  When it comes to exercise, you do your tried-and-true workouts because you know you can do them.  But habits get easy and won’t challenge you.  You get used to them, they become second nature.  So what’s one to do?

Yesterday, Womens Health magazine had a new lower body workout that I wanted to try since I’d like to firm up most down there now.  The workout only had 4 moves and they were simple (aka: didn’t require extraneous items)… why not give it a shot?  I memorized the moves, the number for a set, and so on… it included bridges, 45 degree forward lunges (holy mother of Zeus, those are killers), and leg side swings.  There was also a step-up move but I didn’t have anything tall enough to step up onto around.  Next time though.  If I had done them though, I can’t imagine how I would feel right now…

Today?  My glutes are the most sore they have been in two months (since trying Body Pump for the first time)!  It is fabulous!  I’m so glad I added this little spice to my workout last night.  You can bet I’ll be doing this combo of moves again soon… gotta get those sexy legs I so desire. ;)

This has also inspired me to try other mini-workouts from websites like Women’s Health, Self, and others that I’m following on Twitter. Haha!

How do you like to spice up your activity?

Being specific with goals…

Goals are a great way to set yourself up to be better in some way… like getting your 8 glasses of water, eating 1 fruit/veggie per meal, training for a 5K at the end of the month, lose 10 inches all over before your next birthday, etc.  There are lots of different goals you can set for yourself.  They can be a great motivator to keep going with your program.

More than a few articles I have read lately bring up the idea of being SMART about setting goals.

M– measurable
A– attainable
R– realistic
T– timely

This has made me largely rethink my goals now and potential future goals.  I usually just see at the bigger picture of what I want.  What I say I will do doesn’t always contribute to what I want to achieve and sometimes what I want to achieve requires different sets of actions.  Where I usually lack in the SMART chart is specificity, measurable, realistic, and timely.  I’m usually good at picking attainable things.  If you look at my last operation, my objective was just to look and feel great for going to Vegas.  It’s not specific or measurable really.  I gave myself a week to do this, and in the end I did feel great.

My problem right now is… I’m not sure what I want my goals to be.  Largely this is because I am perfectly happy where I am and I’m trying to not focus so much on “counting”.  But the analyst in me has me thinking about how many calories/points things are, what activity I’m doing to do tonight, and why my body just can’t seem to stay in one spot consistently all the time.  But I love my body so it’s… I don’t know, but it’s weird. I want goals but I have no idea what I want to achieve right now (besides getting back into my WW Lifetime range then staying consistently at one weight…).

The goals I originally wanted for OBU don’t seem specific or SMART enough to me.  In retrospect, the operation seemed more just like a criteria list of what I should do–too much to do at once unless I’m going for an intensive week like 5 to Vegas. While I like doing a lot of the things on that list, like getting in my green tea every morning, striving for activity every day, staying away from soda, picking wholesome foods more often… a specific end-result is not clear.  It’s like the goal isn’t complete. Which is why I’ve not been following it very well… Gotta be honest here.

What are your thoughts on SMART concept with goals?  How do you come up with goals that make you want to keep going with it?  Which aspect of a goal do you think is the most important? Please let’s discuss this!  I’m dying to know what everyone thinks…

The New Leader

Saturday morning at 7:30 AM, despite being slightly over my WW Lifetime weight range (only because of clothes… if they’d allow nude WI, I would have been safe), I hauled my sorry bum down to my meeting.  After paying the unexpectedly low fee of $9 for the meeting (thought it would be 12), I walked in and took a seat in the packed room.  It didn’t even look like my old meeting group.  A couple faces were recognizable but my favorite friend that I usually sit with wasn’t there… and she’s the one who does a lot of the talking.  The other talkative members weren’t even there.  I felt horribly out of place.

And of course, the meeting starts and it’s just how I remember it is with her.  “I this, I that… I’ll need your help” but then the people who spoke up were people I didn’t recognize.  Think she told her Thursday meeting people that she was doing Saturday mornings so they jumped ship and crashed our party?  Me not pleased and not particularly motivated.  At the end of the meeting, I was the one to say, “And remember: behave! And keep your tracker!” in true Gordon style.  The regular Saturday-goers laughed and heartily agreed with me.  It’s not the same when the New Leader says it.

The one thing I’ll praise her on is that she actually gave us a particular challenge for this week (Eat with dignity, purpose, and stop the eat-a-thons. Just for this week.  But if you felt like continuing, you could.)  Have I followed it?  No… My brother brought home Reese’s yesterday.  Luckily I stopped myself after an overflowing handful.  But this morning, instead of eating my apple on the road, I sat and ate a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.  Did what she say stick?  A little. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

What I’m sad about is that I didn’t get to see my true group mold with the New Leader.  My buddy wasn’t even there.  I don’t want to have to sit through the new leader again especially if my group has changed, but I’m dying to see how she handles my talkative friend.  I’m dying to try out the other 8 o’clock meeting just a little farther away in the other direction.  New fit needed… maybe in two weeks.  My friend better be there this weekend.

As for me, now it’s time to knuckle backdown and get back into my Lifetime range.  I’m not paying for another meeting again, no siree.

Activity for this week:

Mon- Clean house! Lots of vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing the floors. Maybe work in some push ups and ab work after depending on energy levels.
Tues- Stationary bike w/Pokemon SoulSilver at hand.
Wed- Zumba! It better not be canceled this time…
Thurs- Jillian Michaels No More Problem Zones or 30 Day Shred depending on time.
Fri- Elliptical and my cycle of strength crutches
Sat- Pole fitness! My new fave! =)

Coming tomorrow (so I won’t forget that I want to discuss this)… Specificity in Goals