To those who mock and tempt…

… really just anger me.

My step-dad is the worst culprit.  How he feels about me trying to eat better is so …. I don’t even know!  All I know is that I cannot wait to move out that way I can do everything for myself.  Yes, he’s a great cook which I’ll miss (heck, I’m excited to learn!) and he can be accommodating when he makes seafood dishes and will prepare a separate one for me. But he isn’t always willing to make a healthy dinner, will take us out to places where tracking can be a challenge, buys my trigger foods because they just happen to be his favorite sweets, and half the time the house is stocked with foods that I either can’t prepare or won’t eat.

The worst thing of all is when he either tries to tempt me to eat something that I genuinely want to stay away from or just don’t want to eat. Like last week when someone brought doughnuts into the office and he struts by saying “You sure you don’t want one?” as he takes a huge bite, says how good it is, and laughs. Another co-worker even picked up a box and shoved it into my desk bubble space saying the exact same thing.  I wanted to beat the schnipe out of both of them. I honestly did not want one.  What is so hard to understand about that?  Their attempts to tempt me didn’t even work… I wasn’t tempted in the slightest bit.  Just angered me because everyone in our department knows that I’m eating better, so when they try to pull this stuff I need to restrain myself from saying, “Buzz the F off!”

The other worst thing he does is when he asks, “So how many points is that?” as though he’s mocking the whole thing.  Like last night, when he brought home a lemon cake (one of my faves) as a dessert and I served myself a piece (or two). He asked that stupid question.  It’s these moments when I sincerely dislike him. Other things trigger that too but I’m trying to keep this health/food related.

When I tell him that I don’t think he’s being very supportive, he gets angry because he says something along the lines of — “I’m the one who buys your food, cooks your dinner, so I don’t wanna hear any of that from you!” He may do all that on occasion, but that does not mean that he’s supportive of my new lifestyle.  And he wonders why I like buying my own food…

I eat what I want when I want and no one else can dictate that. If I want a free meal/day, I’ll take one. It works for me and I’m able to jump right back into my program if its planned. I don’t want to hear how someone thinks it’s not on my list of acceptable foods.  Every food I enjoy is on my acceptable foods list, just not as much as before I started WW.

Stepping off my soapbox. Thanks for listening.

How do you handle people, especially family, who doesn’t support and/or makes fun of the fact that you’re trying to be healthier?


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