Good vs Bad vs You

Throughout my life, even more so now that I’ve been a part of a weight loss community for a year and a half, I hear people say “I’ve been so good on my program!” or “I had a bad meal/day/week.” Foods apparently have labels: bad and good.  But mostly it’s behavior towards those foods or activity that is often commentated on during our journey.  I know… I was one of them.

But now, I’m realizing that although certain foods are not good for your body, that doesn’t mean it is a “bad thing” to consume them or in large amounts.  Likely there is a reason for eating it, may it be a special occasion or simply because of emotions.  If I say that I’ve been bad with my program, it makes me feel like I should reprimand myself… and I’ve grown to realize that that’s not very conducive to a healthy lifestyle.  This isn’t kindergarten anymore.  A slap on the hand for “bad behavior” will just sting but it won’t teach you a lesson…

As we each go on our journeys, there are things we want to accomplish, foods we want to avoid, and learn the ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  A large part of that is staying true to you. So I like to eat cookie dough and cake batter!  So what?  I track it and I don’t consider it bad behavior. It’s what I like to do and I can’t imagine living my life without that indulgence.  Sometimes I’ll have a free day (like this weekend) or fall victim to my ultimate trigger food (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups).  That doesn’t mean I’m not still striving for a healthy lifestyle. Times like these I usually see as planned indulgence or learning experiences… instead of viewing them as bad behavior.

Back before WW, I would seriously buy bags upon bags of candy, store them in my room and eat them as I lounged.  Thus I gained close to 30 pounds because I stopped dancing.  I don’t do that any more.  I’ve learned how my body doesn’t like being subjected repeatedly to junk foods because the next day I feel really sluggish.  It really likes the healthy foods and being active! (Note: I didn’t say good foods.)

Ultimately though, I’ve learned that the foods I love that most people consider “bad” don’t have to be exempt from my life.  I still enjoy them!  I just eat them a lot less often than I used to. It really is all about moderation…

I think the trick here is to find out what works for you!  No one is the same.  If you can go cold turkey from soda, sugar, etc., good for you!  Not everyone can do that though.  Most of us still need a little indulgence, and I see nothing wrong with that. Slip ups are bound to happen… and like I’ve said before, you can’t grow without backtracking a little.  All you can do is make it work for you and your program.

Me?  I’ll keep my cookie dough.  I’m doing the best that I can and even when I’m not, I know I’m still making a difference because I’ve already started the journey, learned from my slips, and living a healthier life.  I’m neither good nor bad.  I’m just me and that’s perfectly fine.

Good luck with your acceptance of what works with your program… and yourself!  You’ve already taken the first steps and now all you need to do is to keep walking despite the cracks in the sidewalk.


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