Challenging Week

I won’t lie.  I can’t.  Since Saturday, it has been a little tough to stay on track.

A lot of my step-dad’s family came into town to have a farewell party for my step sister which involved dinner and many chocolate strawberries and martinis.  I limited my adult beverages a lot because I only wanted my favorites and my mom made like 10 different kinds. I have 3 favorites only and my mom has mini-martini glasses that only hold 2 oz if that, so I don’t think that was too bad.  It was those darn strawberries… Then I also had some diet root beer. Oops!  Since Monday I’ve been soda-free again.

Then there’s been treats galore because my step-dad wants my step-sis to have all of her favorites before leaving because she won’t be able to eat stuff like this for a year.  She’s going to the Middle East to teach. And on top of the treats, we’re going out to eat a lot more too. Kill me! Haha… Making good choices as much as I can there. Like last night, I chose the veggie burger instead of a cheeseburger at the burger joint we went too.  It was when my step-dad urged her to try the cookie dessert plate that I caved in a little.  And I won’t lie… it was soooo worth it. Just a few bites and I was content.

Last night, I also got to hit the gym for the first time since my last WI on Saturday and I’m heading there tonight as well (can’t miss Zumba!).  I’m planning some sort of activity for tomorrow and Friday too.  I need to get back on track with my activity.
The fact that the ‘rents will be out of town from Friday to Monday will be amazing!  I can do what I want for meals… And I can clean the house with no one there to get in my way (and hello, activity points)!

But the one thing that I haven’t slacked on is… TRACKING! Well, I never slack on getting my water but I’ve been like that since high school so that’s nothing new. But I remember when I was so skittish about going into my WW weekly points so I wouldn’t track everything, so this feels like a large accomplishment.  I now track everything I eat no matter what!  It’s a habit that I don’t want to give up now. Victory! =)

What healthy habit comes the most naturally to you? Which is the most challenging?


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