Do Something Else!

Sad news befell my ears last night… Zumba was canceled!  They may as well have stabbed a stake through my heart.

Our usual instructor had surgery a couple weeks back and said it would take 2 weeks to recover so she wouldn’t be here, so it’s not her fault.  The substitute teacher bailed.  A very sad night indeed.  My mom and I didn’t even stay at the gym because we were that depressed (and I wasn’t prepared–read: iPod, book, gameboy, etc., to keep me occupied during a bike ride, elliptical, or treadmill endeavor).  Plus it was the last night my step-sister would be home so we just went home to go to dinner, missing our workout.

After a very scrumptious dinner, where I tried a Playboy sushi roll for the first time (LOVED! and I hate seafood… I’m glad I’m into trying new things now), I joked to my mom– “Time to go workout?”  She was like “Uhhhh, no.”  I was pretty full too so I had pretty much resigned myself from working out.

Sitting in my room after, I just felt… bored and lazy.  Sometimes laziness is OK, but last night it just was not OK with me.  It had been a little bit after we ate and it was 8:30… A perfect amount of time to squeeze in the elliptical for a 45 minute program!  So I popped on downstairs, found Julie & Julia On Demand (I’ve been wanting to see it), and did the elliptical and some strength moves.  I’m so glad I did!  I got to enjoy a cute movie while getting in some activity.  From feeling bored, I went to feeling much more accomplished and had a pretty good night sleep too.

This just goes to show that even though sometimes your workout regimen can come to a screeching halt, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something else you can do!  Just gotta keep it movin, movin… ;)

Do you have a backup plan if your planned activity is a no-go (unexpected plans, injury, cancellations, broken machines, etc)? What do you do?


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