Here it comes…

Tomorrow is the day… The day a new Leader may join my world.  Many emotions are coursing through me: anxiety, wonderment, curiosity, and sadness.  Gordon won’t be there anymore.  In comes Amy.  Well, I think that’s what they said her name was.

I’m debating whether I even want to go at this point… Even though, I’m dying to see how Amy fits in with our group during her first week with us Saturday comers.  This week really has been a struggle for me even though some of you said it wasn’t that bad a couple days ago… I missed a workout last night because I was so tired.  And pretzel M&M’s were around and we all know the effect they have on me (sweet and salty? MUST EAT THEM ALL).  Luckily it wasn’t a whole bag this time…

It’s the first WI of the month which would mean I can’t “skip” stepping on the scale like I want to.  I always do it at home beforehand to make sure… but I’m seriously afraid that I’m above my Lifetime range and I really don’t want to pay for a meeting.  My funds are being put on a freeze as of today. No more extraneous spending.  I simply can’t afford it.  That…. and I don’t know where my Lifetime bookmark is that has Bravo stickers for each month I’ve weighed in in my Lifetime range.  People cleaned out my room last week and I have no idea where they put it (or if they threw it away).  I NEED MY BOOKMARK!

Working out tonight.  Before girls night.  No questions asked.  Except what movie I’ll watch while I bust out the elliptical.  I love how sweaty I get after just 8 minutes on that thing… it’s awesome. And I’m track to have an awesomely on plan day with plenty of fruits and veggies.  =)

I’m ready for a much better work!  Bring it on, new Leader!

Any fun plans for this weekend?


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