Being specific with goals…

Goals are a great way to set yourself up to be better in some way… like getting your 8 glasses of water, eating 1 fruit/veggie per meal, training for a 5K at the end of the month, lose 10 inches all over before your next birthday, etc.  There are lots of different goals you can set for yourself.  They can be a great motivator to keep going with your program.

More than a few articles I have read lately bring up the idea of being SMART about setting goals.

M– measurable
A– attainable
R– realistic
T– timely

This has made me largely rethink my goals now and potential future goals.  I usually just see at the bigger picture of what I want.  What I say I will do doesn’t always contribute to what I want to achieve and sometimes what I want to achieve requires different sets of actions.  Where I usually lack in the SMART chart is specificity, measurable, realistic, and timely.  I’m usually good at picking attainable things.  If you look at my last operation, my objective was just to look and feel great for going to Vegas.  It’s not specific or measurable really.  I gave myself a week to do this, and in the end I did feel great.

My problem right now is… I’m not sure what I want my goals to be.  Largely this is because I am perfectly happy where I am and I’m trying to not focus so much on “counting”.  But the analyst in me has me thinking about how many calories/points things are, what activity I’m doing to do tonight, and why my body just can’t seem to stay in one spot consistently all the time.  But I love my body so it’s… I don’t know, but it’s weird. I want goals but I have no idea what I want to achieve right now (besides getting back into my WW Lifetime range then staying consistently at one weight…).

The goals I originally wanted for OBU don’t seem specific or SMART enough to me.  In retrospect, the operation seemed more just like a criteria list of what I should do–too much to do at once unless I’m going for an intensive week like 5 to Vegas. While I like doing a lot of the things on that list, like getting in my green tea every morning, striving for activity every day, staying away from soda, picking wholesome foods more often… a specific end-result is not clear.  It’s like the goal isn’t complete. Which is why I’ve not been following it very well… Gotta be honest here.

What are your thoughts on SMART concept with goals?  How do you come up with goals that make you want to keep going with it?  Which aspect of a goal do you think is the most important? Please let’s discuss this!  I’m dying to know what everyone thinks…


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