Gotta Kick It Up!

First off, thank you all for your input about your goals and what you think is good to work towards besides the number on the scale…

Which by the way I read a great quote about the scale today: “The scale measures only weight, not worth.” LOVE!

Last night, the stationary bike didn’t happen.  I dorked my knee somehow when I got home so I hopped on the elliptical for a little bit.  Giving up my activity now is a struggle!  I plan everything around my workouts… It’s almost a habit now and I like it.

There is one thing wrong with a habit though… you fall into it.  When it comes to exercise, you do your tried-and-true workouts because you know you can do them.  But habits get easy and won’t challenge you.  You get used to them, they become second nature.  So what’s one to do?

Yesterday, Womens Health magazine had a new lower body workout that I wanted to try since I’d like to firm up most down there now.  The workout only had 4 moves and they were simple (aka: didn’t require extraneous items)… why not give it a shot?  I memorized the moves, the number for a set, and so on… it included bridges, 45 degree forward lunges (holy mother of Zeus, those are killers), and leg side swings.  There was also a step-up move but I didn’t have anything tall enough to step up onto around.  Next time though.  If I had done them though, I can’t imagine how I would feel right now…

Today?  My glutes are the most sore they have been in two months (since trying Body Pump for the first time)!  It is fabulous!  I’m so glad I added this little spice to my workout last night.  You can bet I’ll be doing this combo of moves again soon… gotta get those sexy legs I so desire. ;)

This has also inspired me to try other mini-workouts from websites like Women’s Health, Self, and others that I’m following on Twitter. Haha!

How do you like to spice up your activity?


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