The Future Me

Heather (madtownmotzie) mentioned her Goal self in her blog yesterday and today I stumbled across an article talking about how how helpful being connected to your future self can be to your slimming down, healthier and happier you.  I see that as a sign from the universe that I should talk about what my future self is so I too can connect with it.

The future me:

  • is active, strong, and loves to get up and move!
  • says no to food-pushers and is assertive in getting exactly what kinds of food she wants/needs.
  • can stop eating favorite sweets (known to present self as triggers) after one serving instead of devouring the whole bag (especially in one sitting).
  • is willing to try new foods even if the task seems daunting. But still has every right to spit it out if it tastes nasty. ;)
  • picks wholesome and healthy foods a majority of the time.
  • knows how to cook… preferably well.

The future me is also singing record-breaking albums and touring the world in sold-out concerts… either that or performing on Broadway.  … … Well, one can dream and strive for that right?  Haha!

What is the future/goal you like?


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