Mondo Craving Alert!

Have you ever had a craving last longer than a week?  I’m suffering through it right now.  Seeing Eat Pray Love on Friday made it worse too.  Last night, I had every intention of indulging myself in my pizza craving on my way home from the water park (where greasy pizza ran rampant)…

Until my step-dad said “But I got you a New York steak!”  He knows that’s one of my favorites so it was very thoughtful of him.  I don’t know if it’s because I was craving something completely different or if it really was over-cooked, the steak wasn’t as good as usual.  I ended up eating chocolate and baked cheddar chips to wash it down. Not a good sign.

I WANT PIZZA!  Give me Dominos or a Godfathers dessert pizza really soon or I may… I don’t know but it won’t be pleasant.

And now I have a date tonight and I’m unsure if it’s a dinner date or not (dinner at 8?).  So it’s like… order pizza beforehand or just wait until tomorrow?  The idea of waiting another day seems truly painful at this point.  Maybe I should just scrap my leftover pasta idea and head down to a local pizza place for lunch…Their pizza is bomb too.

Have you ever had a legitimate craving this bad that’s lasted this long?  How do you cope if having it is a challenge?

UPDATE: Went out to lunch and had a slice of cheese pizza!  Craving satisfied!  My taste buds may still be saying more, my stomach and my brain is saying enough. I’m content now. =D


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