When does your day end?

So it was a Battle of the Teas this morning at the office.  Yesterday, I ran out of my Tazo Zen Green tea.  ‘Twas a very sad day indeed.  So this morning, I brought a Tazo Black tea and a Honey Ginseng Green tea from my pantry so I could save money, both of which I haven’t tried before.  Bad idea.  The tazo black tea was simply unbearable and yucky.  So I dumped it.  I brewed up some of the green tea and ICK.  It just didn’t taste good.  So I dumped it. I was about to give up when I remembered there was English Teatime tea at the office already… and it was a winner!

During the battle, I vented about it on Twitter… Anaosborn told me that “Maybe it’s not the tea, maybe it’s you.”  Granted I did stay up way past my bed time for a night of frolicking, but a caffeine fix this morning via a good cup of tea was very needed.  Which brings to me what I’d like to ask about today…

When does your “tracking day” end?  When you fall asleep?  Or at midnight?

For me, sleeping is what resets my tracking day.  But sometimes, you wonder if that’s how it should be.  For example, last night I went out clubbing for girls night.  Danced from 11 to 1:30 AM then went to Denny’s where I had to eat something after all that dancing (Super Bird minus the bacon) and rolled into bed at 3:30 AM.  I’ve run into this situation before but I never know whether I should track it as yesterday or today.  I like to see my sleep being my barrier between days.  But if that’s the case then I went horribly over my range for yesterday.  But if I track it for today, then I can plan accordingly and maybe stay in range.  And then there’s the activity!  Do I count it for yesterday and today by splitting up the time? Or just one or the other?

Yeah… it’s a dilemma.  How would you deal?  Any help is appreciated… haha.


One thought on “When does your day end?

  1. I usually end my day when I go to bed… since i’m just an old, married lady, we don’t have very many late nights out… sad to say we are almost always in bed before midnight (even on the weekends!)

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