My Shins Hurt!

All that walking yesterday has totally wreaked havoc on my legs. Just walking around campus today hurt like a mother right along the lines of my shins. You know… those spots?  I wanted to cry… seriously. The total walking count was about half of yesterdays with 55 minutes.  From where I park to my intern office is a good 25 minute walk alone!  Yep, it’s craziness.

Day 2 of senior year– way fun!  My Italian class will be very fun and I can’t wait to review my Italian skills… I seemed to be one of the ones who remembered more than others. Maybe going to Italy this summer helped ;)
And then Playwriting seems like it will be fun too. The professor is funny and has already assigned us to read a play. I have to share my play with another girl so I need to read it quickly so I can pass it to her.

I have been sleeping better these past couple nights though and getting a little over 8 hours of sleep both nights. It’s been so nice!  And then I have a great breakfast before I do anything. I got that tip from a couple sources and I’m liking the results so far–more energy and I don’t get hungry until noon with the kinds of breakfast I like to make (like peanut butter & bananas on Orowheat buns and oatmeal with berries and almonds).  Packing lunch has been nice though. Yummy sandwiches and fruit.  Tomorrow will likely be a microwave meal but that’s ok.

But now that homework is in the mix, I hope that sleep and breakfast won’t get compromised.  Back to my old job tomorrow morning though.  It seems so mundane compared to my new internship that I’m almost not looking forward to it… is that bad?

All this walking just makes me want to curl up in a ball upon coming home.  Here’s hoping the pain dwindles down so Zumba will be do-able tomorrow.

Now it’s off to homework… ugh. Those days are back too. Haha!

Speaking of homework:  when it comes to tracking, do you prefer to do it all at once at night or as you go along in your day?


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