Hmmm… very interesting responses to my last post’s question about when you track your day! Goes to show that different things work for different people.  Thanks everyone! School has been so crazy I missed blogging yesterday and I couldn’t even track yesterday until today. Yeah… it’s been interesting.  But fun!

I have given myself about fifteen minutes of computer time to blog and catch up on stuff until I have to go read a play.  Reading “Herbal Bed” which is actually quite good so far!

So with the activity of walking around campus (averaging 40 minutes of walking a day), I nearly put off working out today.  Last night was Zumba so I never miss that and I know I have pole tomorrow and Saturday morning so bailing tonight seemed tempting.  I even posted on my Facebook that my workouts would have to get the backburner when it came to homework.  About five minutes later I realized how stupid of a statement that was and I took it back.

Right now, I have school, homework, my sports internship (which has me doing work that could fill a full-time job), and my other part time job.  I’m a busy person just like a ton of other people out there… so what are we to do about activity?

Activity has already become such a priority in my life that I simply can’t just stop.  So even though I did about 40 minutes of walking around campus today, I hopped on the elliptical for an hour and went through my resistance circuit (strength training I guess).  And I still have an hour if not more to get a good chunk of my reading done.  The stress of the homework is what usually keeps me from working out because I’m just not “in the mood.”  And guess what?  Being active helps relieve that kind of stress!  So it’s like I have to keep doing it anyway just to keep myself sane!  Isn’t it crazy how those kinds of things work?

My health is my priority. Before school, before my jobs, and before anyone else.  That may seem selfish, but if I don’t have my health I don’t have anything.  I wouldn’t be able to do anything!  Staying active and getting in my workouts is a huge part of that.  Same goes for choosing healthier foods.  I’m going to need my energy for this year and junk food simply won’t cut it.

Oh, boy. Speaking of junk food, I just remembered my internship provides dinner usually for the workers at events.  And if I remember correctly, it was usually pizza or something just as greasy and not so healthy.  That’s going to be an interesting adventure.  I already pack lunches but I don’t know if I have room to pack some sort of dinner too… yep, like I said–this will be interesting.

At least I won’t be giving up my workouts. ;)

What are your priorities?  Do you make exercise/activity a priority?


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