Lost & Found (L4G Week 3 Results)

I found a meeting! Well, I thought I found one close to home only to get there and have the place be empty… luckily there was a back up plan about 20 minutes away. I got there in time to WI but I basically missed the meeting. It’s ok though. Wanna know why?

I’m back in my Lifetime range! Like exactly! I’ve worked my booty off this week activity wise (27 APs before today and tomorrows activity) and eating was much better. Everything tracked and measured more accurately. But I’m sore like no other. That Jillian Michaels earlier in the week is still kicking my thighs and hips every time I walk… so without further ado! Drum roll!


Here are the measurements from last week compared to this week:

Height- 5’9″
Weight- 156.6 lbs –> 155 (YAY! No more paying for me! Now let’s stay below this number… haha)
Arms- 11 in –> 11 in
Hips- 41.25 in –> 41.25 in
Bust- 36 in –> 36 in
Waist- 27 in –> 26.5 in
Thighs- 22 in –> 22 in

If I continue like this until the end of Lose for Good, I may be game for being really close to my original goal. We’ll see. ;) Off to make some breakfast!

After you have struggled with your program, what do you find helps motivate your focus to come back?


Knowing When to Stop

All day today, I was planning on doing Jillian Michael’s Blast Fat, Boost Metabolism video. Got it for Christmas last year and I want to say I’ve done it about five times. I tend to prefer her No More Problem Zones video. But this video was preferable today to get my heart rate sky high to burn calories like mad.

Yesterday I hardly got any activity, save from walking about 20 minutes to my car and around the volleyball court.  I had a paper due this morning so that’s what yesterday was dedicated to… so a good workout was needed today.

After getting to bed at 1:30 AM and waking up at 8:45, I thought I had gotten enough sleep. Not quite. I’ve been so beat today that I nearly called off doing Jillian all together. But then I reminded myself… If I want to get back into my goal range by the end of October, I need to do something!

Knowing the intensity of the BFBM video, I had a mini-snack about a half hour before I hopped into it (and if you know the video, you know I mean that literally… lots of jumping and calisthenics).

In the BFBM, there is a warm up followed by seven 6-minute circuits and ends with a five minute cool down/stretch. By the fourth circuit, I was seeing stars. I’m not sure if it’s because of how worn out I was all day or what but I was light headed all over the place. I didn’t want to quit though. So doing the fifth and sixth circuits, I did the modified versions of the moves and took a sip of water between each exercise which kind of helped. But even after taking it a little easier (which still is a killer workout with this video), I knew my body couldn’t handle doing the seventh circuit. So I skipped to the cool down.

A PB&J and a cup of grapes later, I’m feeling better but super tired.

What I learned: I need my normal sleep schedule back pronto if I want to function properly.
The best part: The 6 APs I earned by doing only 45 minutes is totally worth the exhaustion I’m feeling. It kind of makes me want to do intense workouts like that every day just to see that number of AP’s.

I think I have become a bit of an AP addict. Does anyone else feel that way?

Tonight, I’ll be getting to bed early. I’m almost nodding off writing this.

When do you know that it’s time to stop?

L4G: Week 2 Results

Yep, yep, yep. Still doing this even though this week wasn’t my best. I didn’t get to go to my meeting but I still weighed in at home. Stats if you please!

Here are the measurements from last week compared to this weeks:
Height- 5’9″
Weight- B:156.6 lbs | WW: 157.2 lbs –> B: 156.0 | WW: 156.6 (well, that’s what it would be because of my clothes so that’s what I’m putting in my tracker)
Arms- 11 in –> 11 in
Hips- 41.5 in –> 41.25 in
Bust- 36 in –> 36 in
Waist- 27 in –> 27 in
Thighs- 22.5 in –> 22 in

So no inches gained! Victory there! In fact, I lost .75 inches and .6 lbs. Not too shabby for having a fairly crappy start to this past week. Maybe last week I stayed the same because of TOM… that could be it. Lots of factors going into this. Haha!

I’m still attributing this success solely to my activity this week. 30 APs even though I ate about 10 of them. This week will be better food-wise. Control will be maintained again! TOM won’t be in the way with all it’s emotional-ness and the synonymous bottomless pit syndrome. I’m still a bit emotional but it’s more like, “Oh, what a sad song! I’m going to shed a tear!” not like a stuff my face because I can’t get a grip on my stressful life.

Hopefully I can find a meeting I can go to before next weekend so I can finally get my new WW booklet!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

No More Cake!

Score! That blasted cake is gone from our kitchen.

Just saying that opens up a new door. My birthday is in 19 days (and a big happy birthday goes out to natschizzle today!!).

Here’s the thing though: I don’t want a cake. I don’t want presents for the fact that my current financial situation renders me unable to spend money at all, let alone on my friends’ birthdays. I don’t even want to turn 22! I have a bad history with the number. So I will be turning 21+1. Two 1’s is much more attractive than a double-deuce.

What I won’t mind though is a little slow-churned mint-chocolate chip ice cream, my favorite. That’s acceptable. And maybe a martini or two (I’ll need a couple to not embrace my new age). Hopefully no one will make a cake for me. I’m telling my mom no cake. It just makes me think and do very dirty things. I seriously can’t have that kind of stuff in the house…

I’m bummed I can’t make any meetings this weekend. Believe me, I looked all around the valley for one but this weekend is just ugly.

Good news: I hit 30 APs this week! Win!

Who is ready for the weekend?

Almost There

These past couple of days have been much better! I have stayed inside my DPs and been getting in more APs as well.

The only reason I’m so bugged is that 45 minutes on the elliptical, which leaves me way sweaty, only garners 2 APs! Lame sauce to the extreme. Still, the AP number is looking pretty decent despite the over-board behavior earlier this week. Right now I’m looking at 27 and I’m hoping to break thirty tomorrow.

So guess what I just realized today? I have to miss my meeting for two weeks! This weekend, my mom and her friend wanted to join me for a pole fitness class but you have to prebook a pole so I had to change my normal time of 9 to 8 in order for them to do it too. And then next weekend, I’m driving to Wyoming early Saturday morning with my friends parents to see her in a play. I can still weigh in at my house, but it won’t be “official”…

And I want my new book, goshdarnit! You know how every year, WW releases a new booklet to track your weight in at meetings? I’m still on my very first one from January of 2009 and there is only 1 slot left! And now I have to miss two meetings! Grrr… I’m almost there!

On the scale front, I’m looking pretty good though! I’m lower than last weeks so it seems the activity is helping.

And now it’s time for me to go get some dinner (A BK Veggie Burger, no mayo with apple fries on the side) before the volleyball game tonight. Toodles!

3 used to be my fave number…

… but right now, not so much. It’s how many weeklie points I have left. And I still have 3 more days until my WI day. (yep posting on Tuesday night but it’s gonna say Wednesday on here)

Today started out well enough. Woke up early, did the Shred (it’s all natshizzle’s fault for inspiring me to do that!), had my banana & pb on orowheat. Had an orowheat turkey sandwich for lunch with an apple. Went to the office, and that’s where it started going downhill.

There were tootsie rolls. I love tootsie rolls. And then I went home… cake was still on the counter. At this point I’m seriously tempted to throw the rest out because I feel like I’m the only one eating it and there’s only a third left (it is so delectable, just thinking of the flavor makes me salivate like a dog!).

And then it was girls night with my aunts and my mom tonight! We went to Texas Roadhouse. I figured– eh, it’s TOM. I’ll have a steak, no butter on my veggies and have a sweet potato to sweeten the deal and get in some good carotins, protein and the rest of my veggie servings. What I didn’t count on were the rolls. The fresh out of the oven rolls. Seriously, how can dinner rolls be so scrumptious? I had 5. No joke. 5. I didn’t finish my veggies, steak or my sweet potato because I was honest-to-goodness full.

So when I got home to watch the Glee premiere, I did it on the elliptical. I feel a little better for getting all these AP’s but… man!


On a positive note, I am tracking everything… which is why I know I have 3 WP left.

What am I doing? It’s like I’m balancing the bad food I eat with better food but in the process, I’m eating more than I need to. But in actuality the not-so-good food I eat far out weighs the good food… *sigh*

TOM is a beeeeeeee-yotch.


8 AM- Wake up, eat an apple and gummy vitamins, get ready and go to work.
10 AM- Yogurt time.
11 AM- Go to class.
2 PM- Eat orowheat/lettuce/turkey/low-fat provolone sandwich with a banana for lunch.
4 PM- Fiber 1 Bar… maybe more green tea.
6 PM- Get home and have grapes as snack.
6:30- ZUMBA!
8 PM- dinner followed by joint supplements (jaw disorder)… I wish I could plan dinner but I have no idea what the family is going to do. I’ll try and keep it simple. Portion it out and try and plan how much to eat before actually eating.
And then homework…
Before bed, do yoga.

In the words of my former Leader… I must behave. And perhaps review my WW booklets as a re-booster just in case.

Lost it a little…

Had a bit of a rough day food-wise… I ate a lot of things as though my stomach were a bottomless pit. Most of it not really healthy, but I got most of my fruits/veggies, more than enough of my water, I took my vitamins, and at least had a balanced dinner with lean protein and some salad. I’ve tracked it ALL! A lot of weeklies gone, but I still have about 20 left for the rest of the week… I can definitely work with that.

Plus, I’ve been lazy. I’m so sore from pole yesterday that even walking is painful so I figured a rest day was probably needed. Back to the elliptical or something tomorrow though for sure!

TOM is definitely upon me. This tends to happen the day before. BC made it worse. I’m deciding to go off it. Not just because of this. It’s been three months and I don’t like it. I don’t like the emotional waves that it gets me on. And the acne has got to go!

And now there’s a cake sitting down on the counter because my mom wanted one and TOM warrants some kind of chocolate indulgence so I said ok. Now I haven’t eaten in four hours and my stomach is growling. But now I need to go to bed.

Tomorrow is a new day! With some good nutritious food that my mom got today at the store! Let’s kick this TOM mood and habits in the booty!

L4G – Week 1 Results

So… I have a dilemma. Last week, when I weighed myself, it was in my bathroom and nudie. This week, I weighed myself that way as well as at my WW meeting. The problem? They are different because of my clothes! I’m struggling to decide which one I should put in my online tracker as my weight! Really, thoughts on this? I’m at a loss… Of course, I’m lower than last weeks nudie weigh in, but at the meeting it was the same as last weeks. So I know I lost, but WW doesn’t. HELP!

Either way, I’m happy! Don’t get me wrong! I had a great OP week and am looking forward to having another.

Here are the measurements from last week compared to this weeks:
Height- 5’9″
Weight- 157.2 lbs –> N:156.6 lbs | WW: 157.2 lbs (see? told ya my clothes are exactly .6 lbs! hehe)
Arms- 10.5 in –> 11 in (muscle baby!)
Hips- 41.5 in –> 41.5 in
Bust- 37 in –> 36 in (say what?)
Waist- 28 in –> 27 in
Thighs- 23 in –> 22.5 in (YAY!)
Dress- 6/8 –> don’t think it will change that soon yet

So that is… 2.5 inches lost, but then I gained the half-inch in my arms so 2 in. Maybe I should not do push ups so often! Haha. They do have some nice definition though so I’m not complaining too much.

Already on a great start to the week… had pole fitness this morning, but my instructor decided for it to be another power lifting day (like last weekend and I was sore until Thursday!). The pole fitness power lifting sessions are seriously so intense! I pride myself on having strong arms but the moves she had us do put me to shame. My butt already hurts so I can’t imagine how that’s going to progress over the next couple of days.
When I got home, I hopped on the elliptical for a half hour so the lactic acid wouldn’t build up too much in my muscles.

Best snack/meal for after a workout like that?  Orowheat sandwich thins with peanut butter and a banana in the middle. YUM! Just the ticket and it covers my fruit, whole grains, and protein. It’s a win-win-win! ;)

But really though… which weight should I track? Thanks!

L4G – Week 1 Pre-WI Check

Tomorrow is my weigh-in so I wanted to weigh in on this first week doing my Lose for Good challenge. Pun so necessary. =)

Must say I’m proud of myself this week! I’ve been active every day, I’ve said no to foods that I don’t want or won’t benefit my health (and stood up to my stepdad in the process… a scary feat in itself), every teeny tiny little thing has been tracked, I have stayed away from soda except for a couple sips of a special brew of root beer last night, and I’ve even started to pick up my tea habits again (granted it was only twice this week since Wednesday but still). Still didn’t get all of my GHG’s but that’s ok. Plus, I still have plenty of weeklies left; I only dipped in for little things like my sugar free swiss miss and milk before bed and at the fair where I wanted a corn dog.

Total activity points: 33. I’m extremely happy with that number. It’s a good looking number. Here’s what I did:

Saturday– 60 minutes Pole Fitness, walked to and from the football stadium for a total of 30 minutes (5 AP)
Sunday– walked around the State Fair for 2 hours (4 AP)
Monday– intense day of campus trekking, most of it uphill for a total of 50 minutes (4 AP)
Tuesday– 40 minutes of campus trekking, 67 minutes of elliptical, and 10 minutes of my strength circuit (6 AP)
Wednesday– 35 minutes campus trekking and Zumba for an hour (5 AP)
Thursday– 45 minutes campus trekking and 40 minutes of yoga (4 AP)
Friday– 20 minutes campus trekking, 67 minutes of elliptical, and 10 minutes of my strength circuit (5 AP)

The only hiccup I see in not doing well at the scale tomorrow? It’s almost that time. Which means bloating, hoarding water or whatnot could quite possibly derail my good week. I know it will just drop right back off, but still. I’d like to not pay for my meetings (even though I did sneak into last weeks and I’m glad I did… I just don’t want to feel guilty if I have to sneak into another. Do they even notice anyway?)! Ugh! I hate being out of my goal range.

Oh, which brings me to a big question I have: If you weigh yourself at home and at WW, do you count WW meeting weigh-in or your nude weigh-in?

The clothes I continuously wear to my meetings are .6 lb… which is why I wonder! Clothes should not be a contributing factor to what our body weighs.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s results! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Threats at Dinner

Tonight– Zumba! Wonderfulness!

But then I get home and my stepdad calls me for dinner. I’m about to scoop up a cup of noodles in prego sauce when he pulls out a pan full of chicken. Not just any kind of chicken. It’s breaded and absolutely swamped with parmesan cheese. And they are each at least 7 ounces of meat! As soon as I saw it, my mind went, “There is no way he can make me eat that.”

He grabs his piece of chicken as I’m staring dumbfounded at the chicken. Then I start to go for the pasta again and he ushers me out of the way, saying to start at the beginning of the line (which would be behind him and at the chicken). I didn’t move. Conversation number one.

“You’re not going to have chicken?”
“No, I’m not.”
“Because it’s swamped with cheese and breading. Things that I don’t want to eat.”
“Just scrape it off!”
“Those things are huge!” (and I knew they would taste sooo bland without anything on them–why eat something that doesn’t taste good least of all in that amount? NOT WORTH IT.)
“Whatever, Mikael.”

We all sit at the table, my brother and my mom commenting on how good the chicken is. I couldn’t care less. Conversation number two.

Mom- “Why aren’t you eating chicken? You need your protein, don’t you?”
Me- “I’ll have a few almonds after we’re done here.”
Mom- “But George made chicken. It’s good for you.”
Me- “Not the way he made it tonight.”
Bro- “Come on, Kel! Breading is good for you. George, you should make breaded chicken more often; it’s good.”
Me- “And if you do, then warn me.”
Stepdad- “Then next time I make chicken, I won’t make you any.”

Just because he cooks something doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to eat it. If I don’t want something, he should respect my choices… but he doesn’t! He pouts and gets angry because I don’t eat what he made. Oftentimes, he won’t discuss what he’s making for dinner with anyone. He’ll just do it. Sometimes it’s relatively healthy… and other times, like tonight, I cringe from what he makes because it’s not really healthy at all. He knows I won’t eat seafood so he’ll make a chicken or a seafood free option for me… so why can’t he understand my choice to not eat something that doesn’t fit with what I want to accomplish with my health?

And this is why I wish I could afford to live on my own. Well, partially why anyway.