My New Toy

My mom decided that we needed a heart-rate monitor a couple of weeks ago because hers broke and I’d expressed interest in getting one as well.

Yesterday was my first day with my Mio!  It’s a clock, weight-tracker, alarm, and stop-watch all in one and it can even track the calories going into my body and out of my body.  And it’s pink. That makes it bomb-sauce squared.

I had so much fun yesterday placing my two fingers on the sensors surrounding the screen to track my heart rate as I trekked around campus and through Zumba last night. Caloric burn total: 717 in two hours of total activity!  Pretty sweet stuff.

This morning I got up early to hit the elliptical since I knew it would be a long day on campus since our first football game is tonight (office is closed now so I can blog! yay!). Pretty sure the calorie counter on my elliptical is WAY off. Like by 300 at least. Haha!  It turned out to be a 240 calorie-torching workout for a half hour on the elliptical (even though my elliptical said over 600 calories were burned… yeah right).  And now I have a ten minute walk down to the stadium and then ten minutes back to go after the game.

My Mio is darn tooting amazing. I may not use the calorie input tracker (I have SP for that!) but the heart rate and calorie expenditure tracking is awesome.  It’s fun!  And it is motivating too!  I’d rather have the calorie burned count rather than how many steps I take.  I can enter it right online when the day is done!  It’s great!

Hmm… I’m intrigued to see how much my Pole Fitness class burns off. Mio will be used tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for results. Haha!

Do you have any little gadgets, exercise equipment (like a jumprope, hula hoop, etc.), or mini-activity goals that make you want to keep up and increase your activity?


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