Shallow Reflections

Yeah, this isn’t going to be some deep reflection on my maintenance/loss journey… I’m talking about those reflections that you walk by on a day to day basis.

Yesterday, while walking down to our football game, I passed a new reflecting window and stopped right in my tracks.  Here was my thought process:

Are those my legs?  Is that my butt?  DANG!  They look good!  I swear my butt hasn’t looked like this sense high school… Oh snap, better keep walking or someone will think I’m a weirdo checking myself out in the window.

(And my fellow intern who is a guy just read that over my shoulder and we are now both cracking up! I’m pretty mortified right now…)

I would like to give Pole Fitness its dues.  Because… wow.  I’m stunned at the changes all around my body since I started it about two months ago.  My abs have some crazy definition when I am in certain positions, my back looks a little more like a swimmer back, and yes, my lower body has never looked better.  Even my new jeans I wore last night were not as tight as they were when I first bought them.

Yes, I’m shallow.  But oh-em-gee… it feels good when you notice those kinds of changes!

What are your favorite changes that you’ve noticed in your body?
I’m giving you permission to be as shallow as a puddle. ;)


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