And I’m Back!

For some reason, seeing the food donation boxes at my WW meeting decked out in holiday wrapping paper put me in a Christmas-y mood… and the meeting, the Lose for Good campaign, and something inside me (probably the couple extra pounds I have) have instilled in me a new “need-to-succeed”.

The Leader I was once concerned about has strongly grown on me.  She’s getting more motivational each time I go.  Today, for the Lose for Good campaign, she passed out a Storyboarding sheet and told us to do it right here and now instead of at home as a challenge to ourselves… and I actually did it!

So I’m back to tracking with WW… After doing SparkPeople for a couple of months, I find I like the structure of WW much better.  I like having my Points values.  I like how simple the WW website keeps tracking everything and it’s all in one place.  So I’m back!  Completely! 17 bucks a month isn’t too much to worry about.

It’s like I’m starting all over again… but not really.  I’ve decided to do body measurements this time around.  With the exercise that I’m doing (pole), I may see more inches lost that poundage for a little bit.

Here are my stats as of right now
Height- 5’9″
Weight- 157.2 lbs
Arms- 10.5 in
Hips- 41.5 in
Bust- 37 in
Waist- 28 in
Thighs- 23 in
Dress- 6/8 depending on brand and whatnot

Lose for Good lasts for 6 weeks, so I wanted something obtainable but that would still challenge me.  My goal is to reach 150 and a 20 pound star by October 23rd!  It’s not my old goal of 153.  I’d like to be a good solid number.  My birthday and a family camping trip may be in the mix during those six weeks, but I believe I can do it. =) I also want to donate some food too… let’s see if my mom will help me out with that!

I’m so happy to be back tracking with WW!

Who else is doing a challenge for themselves for the Lose for Good campaign?


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