L4G Storyboard

Last time, I said I did the storyboard exercise for the Lose for Good campaign challenge I made for myself.  It is now hanging in my room right across from my bed so it’s in plain sight.  Here is what I did on my storyboard:

1- Say no to things I don’t need or want. This goes along with staying in control and is one of my biggest struggles so it’s at the top…
2- Sweat 30 minute minutes a day, if not more since I tend to get over that just walking around campus. I’d like to do a little more on most days if I can swing it.
3- Track every little thing religiously and accurately.
4- Portion and measure food better.
5- Limit my sweet and junk intake. I don’t need it and it doesn’t make me feel good after anyway.
6- Take my vitamins and aim for most of my GHGs every day!

And hopefully all of this will lead me to my goal of losing 7 pounds, thus earning my 20 pound star and being back in my Lifetime range (even a little below!), in six weeks!  I still think it’s doable…

Haven’t stepped on the scale since Saturday but that’s mostly because my muscles are still sore from my pole class on Saturday (we did a power lifting session for legs) and I’m sure the soreness leaves them slightly swollen.  I’ll hop on tomorrow to make sure I’m doing ok for the week.  I feel like I’m doing well since coming back to tracking solely with WW!  13 APs have been earned since Saturday, tracked everything even the 4 almonds I ate while I waited for my stirfry to cook tonight, and I’m getting a little better about understanding how many portions of something I’m consuming. I love feeling like I’m doing my body good. =)

Have you ever tried story boarding to help you reach a goal?  If so, did you find it a successful tool?


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