L4G – Week 1 Pre-WI Check

Tomorrow is my weigh-in so I wanted to weigh in on this first week doing my Lose for Good challenge. Pun so necessary. =)

Must say I’m proud of myself this week! I’ve been active every day, I’ve said no to foods that I don’t want or won’t benefit my health (and stood up to my stepdad in the process… a scary feat in itself), every teeny tiny little thing has been tracked, I have stayed away from soda except for a couple sips of a special brew of root beer last night, and I’ve even started to pick up my tea habits again (granted it was only twice this week since Wednesday but still). Still didn’t get all of my GHG’s but that’s ok. Plus, I still have plenty of weeklies left; I only dipped in for little things like my sugar free swiss miss and milk before bed and at the fair where I wanted a corn dog.

Total activity points: 33. I’m extremely happy with that number. It’s a good looking number. Here’s what I did:

Saturday– 60 minutes Pole Fitness, walked to and from the football stadium for a total of 30 minutes (5 AP)
Sunday– walked around the State Fair for 2 hours (4 AP)
Monday– intense day of campus trekking, most of it uphill for a total of 50 minutes (4 AP)
Tuesday– 40 minutes of campus trekking, 67 minutes of elliptical, and 10 minutes of my strength circuit (6 AP)
Wednesday– 35 minutes campus trekking and Zumba for an hour (5 AP)
Thursday– 45 minutes campus trekking and 40 minutes of yoga (4 AP)
Friday– 20 minutes campus trekking, 67 minutes of elliptical, and 10 minutes of my strength circuit (5 AP)

The only hiccup I see in not doing well at the scale tomorrow? It’s almost that time. Which means bloating, hoarding water or whatnot could quite possibly derail my good week. I know it will just drop right back off, but still. I’d like to not pay for my meetings (even though I did sneak into last weeks and I’m glad I did… I just don’t want to feel guilty if I have to sneak into another. Do they even notice anyway?)! Ugh! I hate being out of my goal range.

Oh, which brings me to a big question I have: If you weigh yourself at home and at WW, do you count WW meeting weigh-in or your nude weigh-in?

The clothes I continuously wear to my meetings are .6 lb… which is why I wonder! Clothes should not be a contributing factor to what our body weighs.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s results! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


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