L4G – Week 1 Results

So… I have a dilemma. Last week, when I weighed myself, it was in my bathroom and nudie. This week, I weighed myself that way as well as at my WW meeting. The problem? They are different because of my clothes! I’m struggling to decide which one I should put in my online tracker as my weight! Really, thoughts on this? I’m at a loss… Of course, I’m lower than last weeks nudie weigh in, but at the meeting it was the same as last weeks. So I know I lost, but WW doesn’t. HELP!

Either way, I’m happy! Don’t get me wrong! I had a great OP week and am looking forward to having another.

Here are the measurements from last week compared to this weeks:
Height- 5’9″
Weight- 157.2 lbs –> N:156.6 lbs | WW: 157.2 lbs (see? told ya my clothes are exactly .6 lbs! hehe)
Arms- 10.5 in –> 11 in (muscle baby!)
Hips- 41.5 in –> 41.5 in
Bust- 37 in –> 36 in (say what?)
Waist- 28 in –> 27 in
Thighs- 23 in –> 22.5 in (YAY!)
Dress- 6/8 –> don’t think it will change that soon yet

So that is… 2.5 inches lost, but then I gained the half-inch in my arms so 2 in. Maybe I should not do push ups so often! Haha. They do have some nice definition though so I’m not complaining too much.

Already on a great start to the week… had pole fitness this morning, but my instructor decided for it to be another power lifting day (like last weekend and I was sore until Thursday!). The pole fitness power lifting sessions are seriously so intense! I pride myself on having strong arms but the moves she had us do put me to shame. My butt already hurts so I can’t imagine how that’s going to progress over the next couple of days.
When I got home, I hopped on the elliptical for a half hour so the lactic acid wouldn’t build up too much in my muscles.

Best snack/meal for after a workout like that?  Orowheat sandwich thins with peanut butter and a banana in the middle. YUM! Just the ticket and it covers my fruit, whole grains, and protein. It’s a win-win-win! ;)

But really though… which weight should I track? Thanks!


2 thoughts on “L4G – Week 1 Results

  1. seriously… you must update this soon! :) missing your blogging!

    p.s. saw you on TV the other night, it was some karoake (sp?) show… crazy. you have an amazing voice, btw.

    • Ah! I’m sorry I haven’t updated this in forever! My internship kept me pretty busy so when I posted a WW blog, I stopped pasting it over here. Don’t worry, I’ll get back on it!

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