Lost it a little…

Had a bit of a rough day food-wise… I ate a lot of things as though my stomach were a bottomless pit. Most of it not really healthy, but I got most of my fruits/veggies, more than enough of my water, I took my vitamins, and at least had a balanced dinner with lean protein and some salad. I’ve tracked it ALL! A lot of weeklies gone, but I still have about 20 left for the rest of the week… I can definitely work with that.

Plus, I’ve been lazy. I’m so sore from pole yesterday that even walking is painful so I figured a rest day was probably needed. Back to the elliptical or something tomorrow though for sure!

TOM is definitely upon me. This tends to happen the day before. BC made it worse. I’m deciding to go off it. Not just because of this. It’s been three months and I don’t like it. I don’t like the emotional waves that it gets me on. And the acne has got to go!

And now there’s a cake sitting down on the counter because my mom wanted one and TOM warrants some kind of chocolate indulgence so I said ok. Now I haven’t eaten in four hours and my stomach is growling. But now I need to go to bed.

Tomorrow is a new day! With some good nutritious food that my mom got today at the store! Let’s kick this TOM mood and habits in the booty!


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