Almost There

These past couple of days have been much better! I have stayed inside my DPs and been getting in more APs as well.

The only reason I’m so bugged is that 45 minutes on the elliptical, which leaves me way sweaty, only garners 2 APs! Lame sauce to the extreme. Still, the AP number is looking pretty decent despite the over-board behavior earlier this week. Right now I’m looking at 27 and I’m hoping to break thirty tomorrow.

So guess what I just realized today? I have to miss my meeting for two weeks! This weekend, my mom and her friend wanted to join me for a pole fitness class but you have to prebook a pole so I had to change my normal time of 9 to 8 in order for them to do it too. And then next weekend, I’m driving to Wyoming early Saturday morning with my friends parents to see her in a play. I can still weigh in at my house, but it won’t be “official”…

And I want my new book, goshdarnit! You know how every year, WW releases a new booklet to track your weight in at meetings? I’m still on my very first one from January of 2009 and there is only 1 slot left! And now I have to miss two meetings! Grrr… I’m almost there!

On the scale front, I’m looking pretty good though! I’m lower than last weeks so it seems the activity is helping.

And now it’s time for me to go get some dinner (A BK Veggie Burger, no mayo with apple fries on the side) before the volleyball game tonight. Toodles!


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