No More Cake!

Score! That blasted cake is gone from our kitchen.

Just saying that opens up a new door. My birthday is in 19 days (and a big happy birthday goes out to natschizzle today!!).

Here’s the thing though: I don’t want a cake. I don’t want presents for the fact that my current financial situation renders me unable to spend money at all, let alone on my friends’ birthdays. I don’t even want to turn 22! I have a bad history with the number. So I will be turning 21+1. Two 1’s is much more attractive than a double-deuce.

What I won’t mind though is a little slow-churned mint-chocolate chip ice cream, my favorite. That’s acceptable. And maybe a martini or two (I’ll need a couple to not embrace my new age). Hopefully no one will make a cake for me. I’m telling my mom no cake. It just makes me think and do very dirty things. I seriously can’t have that kind of stuff in the house…

I’m bummed I can’t make any meetings this weekend. Believe me, I looked all around the valley for one but this weekend is just ugly.

Good news: I hit 30 APs this week! Win!

Who is ready for the weekend?


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