Knowing When to Stop

All day today, I was planning on doing Jillian Michael’s Blast Fat, Boost Metabolism video. Got it for Christmas last year and I want to say I’ve done it about five times. I tend to prefer her No More Problem Zones video. But this video was preferable today to get my heart rate sky high to burn calories like mad.

Yesterday I hardly got any activity, save from walking about 20 minutes to my car and around the volleyball court.  I had a paper due this morning so that’s what yesterday was dedicated to… so a good workout was needed today.

After getting to bed at 1:30 AM and waking up at 8:45, I thought I had gotten enough sleep. Not quite. I’ve been so beat today that I nearly called off doing Jillian all together. But then I reminded myself… If I want to get back into my goal range by the end of October, I need to do something!

Knowing the intensity of the BFBM video, I had a mini-snack about a half hour before I hopped into it (and if you know the video, you know I mean that literally… lots of jumping and calisthenics).

In the BFBM, there is a warm up followed by seven 6-minute circuits and ends with a five minute cool down/stretch. By the fourth circuit, I was seeing stars. I’m not sure if it’s because of how worn out I was all day or what but I was light headed all over the place. I didn’t want to quit though. So doing the fifth and sixth circuits, I did the modified versions of the moves and took a sip of water between each exercise which kind of helped. But even after taking it a little easier (which still is a killer workout with this video), I knew my body couldn’t handle doing the seventh circuit. So I skipped to the cool down.

A PB&J and a cup of grapes later, I’m feeling better but super tired.

What I learned: I need my normal sleep schedule back pronto if I want to function properly.
The best part: The 6 APs I earned by doing only 45 minutes is totally worth the exhaustion I’m feeling. It kind of makes me want to do intense workouts like that every day just to see that number of AP’s.

I think I have become a bit of an AP addict. Does anyone else feel that way?

Tonight, I’ll be getting to bed early. I’m almost nodding off writing this.

When do you know that it’s time to stop?


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