Lost & Found (L4G Week 3 Results)

I found a meeting! Well, I thought I found one close to home only to get there and have the place be empty… luckily there was a back up plan about 20 minutes away. I got there in time to WI but I basically missed the meeting. It’s ok though. Wanna know why?

I’m back in my Lifetime range! Like exactly! I’ve worked my booty off this week activity wise (27 APs before today and tomorrows activity) and eating was much better. Everything tracked and measured more accurately. But I’m sore like no other. That Jillian Michaels earlier in the week is still kicking my thighs and hips every time I walk… so without further ado! Drum roll!


Here are the measurements from last week compared to this week:

Height- 5’9″
Weight- 156.6 lbs –> 155 (YAY! No more paying for me! Now let’s stay below this number… haha)
Arms- 11 in –> 11 in
Hips- 41.25 in –> 41.25 in
Bust- 36 in –> 36 in
Waist- 27 in –> 26.5 in
Thighs- 22 in –> 22 in

If I continue like this until the end of Lose for Good, I may be game for being really close to my original goal. We’ll see. ;) Off to make some breakfast!

After you have struggled with your program, what do you find helps motivate your focus to come back?


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