Too Much Pain?

On Friday night, I did a pole fitness class. I asked my instructor to kick my butt, so she had me do a power lifting class focusing on legs. I’m starting to think she worked me a little harder than I wanted.

Over the course of the weekend in Wyoming, my legs were endlessly sore. Whenever my body was a little warmer, I would stretch it out a little bit. Last night when I arrived back home, I figured I could massage out my legs and give myself a pedicure of sorts. I massaged each leg for about five minutes each. When I woke up this morning, I had to walk on my toes to prevent the pain from shooting up my calves. It had gotten worse.

In the shower this morning, I had the hot water pour down on my legs for a couple of minutes before stretching them out. Walking around campus today was truly painful. Sometimes it would alleviate the tiniest bit but the next step would hurt again.  And as soon as I sat down again the pain would increase again. It’s like nothing is helping… Putting any kind of pressure on my calves, even resting my hand on it causes pain. Normal or no?

The problem? I really, really, really want to work out since this weekend was spent with my best friend in Wyoming and my activity was a flopping 0 APs and was instead spent drinking wine and snacking on hummus. Not horrible but my weeklies dwindled fast.

But my calves are in so much pain that I’m afraid to work out. When I touch them, it feels like there is a huge charlie horse in each calf but I know it’s just tense/swollen/sore muscle. I don’t want to make it worse, and I don’t want to work out and have it be so painful that I’d be in tears the whole time. Just thinking of standing right now makes my eyes water.

So thoughts on this? I need to workout and I’m dying to but is this pain too much? I really need opinions on this so any input you have on either making this better or working out when it’s this painful would be greatly appreciated… Thanks!


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