Sore Out the Door! Almost!

My calves can’t seem to decide on their temperament today. But I’d like to thank everyone for their help on what to do last night! I really appreciate your suggestions!

Last night, I iced them at a few people’s suggestion. This morning, banana for breakfast along with some ibuprofen. The pain has been coming in waves today. When I walk, it hurts a little bit… but in general, they are doing much better than yesterday. YAY!

The weirdest part though is that when I had to run for about seven minutes to make it somewhere on time, my calves ceased to hurt for a while. Maybe activity would be good now? That’s signaling me that activity could help at this point. Well, I’m hoping anyway… The elliptical will be mine tonight while I watch Glee if the pain dwindles like it did when I was running. =D

For my activity last night, I decided to do a work out that would keep pressure off of my calves. It involved Jillian Michaels punches, an ab circuit that I made up on the fly, and modified push-ups, and I repeated it twice with the punches breaking up the circuits. A twenty-five minute workout followed by a stretch with no pressure on my calves… it was nice! I even broke a good sweat seven minutes in.

And now my abs are sore from that (I didn’t realize I worked them that hard!). Sore abs and semi-sore calves. Isn’t it great being active and having that kind of proof?

What is your favorite part of being active?


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