NSV’s Save the Week! (L4G W4 Results)

Here are the measurements from last week compared to this week:
Height- 5’9″
Weight- 155 lbs –> 155.6 lbs
Arms- 11 in –> 11 in
Hips- 41.25 in –> 41.5 in
Bust- 36 in –> 36 in
Waist- 26.5 in –> 27 in
Thighs- 22 in –> 22 in

So I’m up in a couple of areas this week, but I’m okay with that while silently hoping the increase in my hips and waist is from muscle… haha! But I know what I did wrong (and I did it for about three days). I’m glad I decided to change my goal weight to 154 to account for at least one pound of muscle that I know that I’ve gained from doing Pole Fitness. I think that is a good leeway to give myself for now. Anyway, if I hadn’t been as active I know it could have been a lot worse. But there are so many good things that happened this week that I don’t really care about these stupid numbers right now!

Despite blowing through my weeklies in Wyoming then coming home to one of those party bags of Pretzel M&M’s (Have I mentioned my addiction to those before?) which I helped my brother polish off… I think some really great things happened this week.

Numero Uno- I ran a full mile. Nix that, I ran over a mile! I still have a high from that! I wanted to run last night but deadlines mixed with a tension headache didn’t make it for a good time to do that. Someone mentioned running can be addictive and I’m already feeling that. =)

Numero Due– We went out for sushi last night, and I found out that it is completely plan friendly. One cup of miso soup, one salad with very little ginger dressing, some edamame, and 7 pieces of Playboy (4- my fave!), Mars (2), and Soft-shell crab rolls (1) and I was looking at an 8.5 point filling and scrumptious dinner. And to think I used to completely hate every kind of seafood… it’s nice to develop my palate!

Numero Tre- I had 29 AP’s despite 2 days being completely inactive, and one day without a legitimate workout (walking around campus a bit though). I may have eaten most of them, but that’s ok!

Numero Quattro- EVERYTHING was tracked!

Numero Cinque-
I GOT MY NEW WW Booklet! Haha… about time.

The numbers don’t matter right now because of this list. I feel like I had a good week despite some weak points. And now I have a whole new set of points to work with for this week! That’s another great thing to be happy about! =)

It’s my birthday week starting today. Tonight, I’m taking a group of friends to a lounge/bar. I’ll maybe have a drink or two but no more than that. I have a date and I don’t want to be out of control because I really like this guy and I don’t want to do anything stupid. Hehe…

Is it weird that I actually want to do well this week despite it being my birthday? Like I want to track everything even on my birthday and I’m telling people that I don’t want a cake. Or that I’m planning on attending a meeting on my birthday on Wednesday morning?

Well, I hope you all have a lovely times ten weekend! Isn’t it so crazy that we are into the second week of October already?!


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