21+1 Good Things!

I’m the birthday girl so I can do whatever I please today! ;)
If you remember, I’m pretty superstitious when it comes to the number 22 so the face that I’m turning 22 is really weird for me (which is why I’m calling it 21+1)… in an effort to make it more bearable, I’m going to make a list of 22 good things that are in store for me this year! Ready, my good fellows? … Let’s begin!

1~ This year, I graduate from college.
2~ And… I’m stumped. HA! JK (not really… let me brainstorm). This year, I get to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with a fabulous friend for Christmas.
3~ This year, I will get my New Years Eve kiss, no matter what it takes.
4~ This year, I’m a bridesmaid in my BFF’s wedding (if we can find flights that Delta Skymiles will cover!)
5~ This year, I will move out of my parents house and get my own place.
6~ This year, I will move someplace out of state. *fingers crossed*
7~ This year, I have an amazing internship with a boss whose recommendation can likely get me a job anywhere I want.
8~ This year, I’m understanding sports better and better!
9~ This year, I’m going back to my music roots for my last semester of college.
10~ This year, I am still older than the drinking age limit.
11~ This year, I look forward to earning a steady income again (post-graduation, that is).
12~ This year, I’ll be that much wiser from my mistakes that I made up to this year.
13~ This year, the iPhone should be coming to Verizon Wireless at some point, and it is my full intent to get it.
14~ This year, I have a rocking purse to carry around with me (birthday gift)!
15~ This year, I won’t fall for anyone’s bull.
16~ (I’m scraping the barrel here…) This year, I may or may not fall in love. Either way, I will be happy with my life.
17~ This year, I’m a bridesmaid in my stepbrother’s wedding too!
18~ This year, I will be performing with two choirs (hopefully, if the U’s school of music allows me… still waiting on word, but it looks promising.)
19~ This year, I’m the most active and healthy that I have ever been!
20~ This year, Harry Potter 7 is being released in theatres! That’s most definitely reason to celebrate!
21~ This year, I will be happy just as I almost always am.
22~ I’ll only have to be 22 for one stupid year of my life. ;)

So… it was hard to make this list.
Happy birthday to me! Talk to you all later!


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