TV Debut!

This is a bit off-topic but I’m uber excited for it! Pasted from MikShorty.

The producers of Don’t Forget the Lyrics emailed me a couple of months ago, requesting permission to use one of my MySpace Karaoke videos in one of their episodes.  They said it may be used, so I wasn’t entirely expecting anything to come of it…

But on Monday, they informed me that my “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video will be featured on the show tomorrow, October 21st!  Can I get a holla?!

The episode will have Tai Phillips competing… it’s new. or can help you find it for your location and network provider.  In the
Salt Lake area for those with Comcast (probably regular cable too), the episode will be at 5:30 p.m. MST on KJZZ-channel 3.  From what I can tell from past episodes, my video should appear around one of the commercial breaks… I’m the singer of the day/week or something like that!

So tomorrow marks my television debut!  Pretty exciting… maybe someone important will see it… maybe not… but my glass is half-full so there ya go. *fingers crossed*

Hope you can tune in tomorrow!  I’m so recording it on DVR… =D

*   *   *

PS: Happy Spirit Day… I’m wearing purple in support of the people who cut their own lives short because of anti-LGBT bullying. Are you wearing purple too?

*   *   *

I promise my next post will be spectacular and back to WW topics… this just had to be said first. =)


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