How to… Beat Soreness!

First off, How to Train Your Dragon is the best animated movie of the year (and it helped inspire the name of this post)! Hands down! Watched it last night with my good buddy for the first time… It better win the Oscar for Best Animated Film, seriously. ;)

But, this is more of a how to prevent pain post-strength training. I have found a near foolproof way to beat the muscle soreness that comes within the couple days following a strength training workout.

After any intense strength training session, the last thing you want to do is keep moving, am I right?
However, adding some cardio in after will help the lactic acid that has built up in your muscles to disperse itself throughout your body better, thus causing you less muscle soreness in the long run! How awesome is that?

I know, I’m brilliant. Haha, just kidding. I’ve read something about this before on fitness websites from experts and stuff… I just never put it into practice before.

Take, for example, two weekends ago. I went to pole fitness, per usual, and I just knew that I would be sore. (She has me do a lot of power lifting classes from some reason… I’m not complaining but let’s just say the first couple of times I did them, I could barely move for five days. It’s gotten better as I do more of them though. Anyhoo…) I knew I would be sore, but since I had recently found my new love in running, I decided to go for a run afterward to make my goal of at least 4 APs in a day plus some. Guess what? Absolute minimal soreness from pole! I was amazed! I thought I just was getting better with pole fitness…

But then I remembered something: you can’t get used to pole fitness. Every class is different and my teacher’s goal is to hear you scream and grunt during class–thus the pain after. After I went to my next class (minus a run after), a couple days later I was sore again. I asked myself what was different… That run made the difference.

And now on Saturdays, my gym added a Zumba class and it starts 30 minutes after my pole fitness sessions… can someone say, “HECK YES!” There’s my solution. Zumba. Not only the funnest workout ever, but it is cardio and will most definitely keep the pain from the strength training I get from doing pole fitness. These are my two absolute favorite ways to get activity and now I can have them both in one day! WIN!

This morning? Pole and Zumba! And I’m feeling fantastic! =)

What other words of wisdom do you have about working out?


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