I guess I’m an athlete for Halloween!

I’m looking back to September of ’09 right now where I bought my first scale. It measures weight as well as fat and water percentages in the body. The first time I recorded my weight, fat and water with my scale, I was 161 lbs with 32% body fat and 46% water. It was right after my summer in England and Ireland where I gained back about 10 pounds I had lost because of the nummy drinks and amazingly fresh food. But I digress… *daydreams about London*

ANYWAY! This morning, thinking it would be cool to check in on my fat percentage, I stepped on my scale for the first time in nearly two weeks (I know, I know… I’ll explain later). Completely different numbers blinked up at me.

Weight: 156.8 lbs
Water: 58%
Fat: 15%

Say what? That big of a drop in body fat in a little over a year? I’m wondering if the scale is completely accurate. I’m going to step on again tomorrow to see if its the same. Looking at a chart with fat percentages, 15 percent falls under the category of athlete (check out that page… it’s pretty fascinating. This is another good one.). I’m an athlete now?! Well… this year has been my most active in my entire life so maybe it’s right!

As for the weight… well, the weight of muscle is where WW fails, unfortunately. Seriously, a pound of fat is about the size of a fist, but a pound of muscle is about the size of your thumb. So the more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn and the trimmer you will get… but the muscle weighs more than fat per square inch so it can be tricky when trying to “lose weight”. Yep, WW really fails there. No offense, but it’s true. Haha!

And I have gained quite a bit of muscle over the past couple months because of pole fitness. So right now, I’m not so concerned about the number on the scale so much as how my body feels and how I feel/look in my clothes. The inches I have lost are a lot of a better gauge than the scale lately. In fact, I’ve lost an additional half inch on both of my thighs as of this morning! (Woohoo!). That’s why I haven’t been getting on the scale because it’s not a good gauge of how my body feels and looks. Besides, I’m still Lifetime and relatively close to my WW goal weight so I have no qualms about it. I feel fantastic, so I’ll leave it at that.

It’s strange to think that I have the blood pressure and fat percentage of an athlete especially since I’ve never seen myself like that before this year… Now I love being active! It’s so fun and I love the rush that comes with it. Plus I do activities that engage muscles and leave me sore, sweaty, and with better definition in my body than ever before. And it keeps me sane through school and work. Who couldn’t love something that is so good for you in so many ways? :)

Trust me, I didn’t always feel this way… I remember when I wasn’t at school or work (sitting), I’d be on my bed, recording songs, reading, watching TV without much thought to being active. In fact, the idea of getting on the elliptical (now one of my favorites!) was a hindrance to my lazy enjoyment because work or school was so draining. Now it’s something I enjoy and actually gives me a boost to help get through my work! it took me little by little over the past two years to achieve this interest in fitness. Health is more than just eating right, you know.

Just a reminder… don’t always look at the number of pounds you weigh. Look at inches, fat percentages, waist to hip ratios, how you feel, and things like that. They can really bring the fact that you’re doing your body good down to earth for you. It makes it more real. Just keep working at it! Every little bit helps!

Have a great Halloween! Good luck with the treats! ;)


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