My body is sore, yes. That would be from the Pole Fitness classes from Tuesday and tonight. I may be lucky if I can walk without wincing tomorrow.

There was another kind of an ouch moment tonight… It’s a bittersweet one.

My mom asked if I was up. Just casually. I told her yes–but that I am in the process of taking back my control. She asked how much I was up. I told her 160 (only 4 pounds off my lifetime range). She said, “Whoa. Yeah, I thought I noticed.” — Um… ouch?

Love the honesty. The part I hate was that four/five pounds is really that noticeable. Now that blows my mind. I mean, I could tell by how certain pants fit but I didn’t think anyone else would really notice since it’s such a small number and I stand at 5’9″. Surely my weight would be evenly distributed and not screaming, “Hey! Look, I’ve gained weight!”

I guess that’s not the case.

What doesn’t help is that during my first week of being back on track, someone in our house brought my ultimate trigger into it. If anything containing any combination of chocolate and peanut butter is within a mile of me, odds are I will sniff it out and devour it so it’s not around (it’s too good to throw away, I’m sorry). And I’ve had my share in the past couple days of them. Tracked, of course. But still… if it’s not in the house, I’m not constantly thinking about it thus not making a beeline for it first thing in the morning and right when I get home.

Fortunately, my mom informed me that she’s for sure coming back to WW this week (like she has said for the past month) and no more of these kinds of temptations will be brought into the house. This better hold true. The next time I find anything resembling a peanut butter cup in this house, all h-e-double-hockey-sticks is going break loose. There will be yelling. There will be tears. If they must be in the house, they must be there without my knowledge and hidden so well that I would never run across them. I consider myself to have decent self-control… except when it comes to treats like this.

This is the one thing I HATE about living at home–it’s an environment that I can only have so much control over. If I could have complete control… that’s the day I’m waiting for.

Ouch! Those Reeses aren’t going to give me the abs I want… No more!
Ouch! But thanks for the honesty, mother.
And Ouch! I hope I’ll be able to walk tomorrow.


On track = Productivity?

Ever since I have come “back to basics” on Monday, I feel like I have been more productive than usual. I’m trying to figure out if it is a direct correlation between knuckling back down with my program or the fact that spring break was last week. Maybe both have affected me positively…

It has been a good couple days! Not all of my homework has been done but I’ve taken care of a lot of things (I mean besides cleaning my room) like picking up my new checks and having a killer night of pole fitness and Zumba last night. My abs are already feeling it which means they are going to kill tomorrow… Bring on the pain! I’ve missed it so!

Checked the scale this morning and things are looking better there already. That really blows my mind that only 3 days of better eating can help so much! Just makes me want to keep going even more.

At the beginning again…

That’s it. I’ve cleared my weight loss history on the WeightWatchers website (after printing my previous one of course) and I’m starting fresh! My official weigh in day isn’t until Saturday but I needed the start now…

Now it’s time to go back to basics! Focus on tracking, GHG’s and my daily P+ target, activity whenever I can, portion control… all that good stuff. =)

Doing all of this will help get the stupid number on the scale back to where it is supposed to be. Last week was spring break and I’m feeling ready to knuckle down. My schedule is slowing down so hopefully there won’t be any issues with stress eating or anything like that. Thank goodness!

So I’m back to the beginning and ready to go! Who’s with me? :)


It’s amazing how badly a busy schedule could derail my healthy eating… And it’s even more amazing how I haven’t blogged in nearly two weeks. The reason I’m able to now is simple because two of the interns (me included) have been given permission to hang for a while because there’s not enough for all four of us to do. So we are trading off! Did you know that we are hosting the NCAA women’s basketball first and second round championships? Yeah pretty sure it’s insanity but it’s pretty cool.

My job has kept me sooo insanely busy these last couple weeks that I’m starting to question my sanity. My eating habits and tracking have fallen the way side and the scale is up… A lot more than I would like. But oddly enough, I still have definition thanks to keeping up a steady schedule of pole fitness. I start my days relatively well but then come the end of the day, all I want is a good chocolate bar to ease me troubled mind. Or a mocha to help me make it through the day.

Another thing is that I graduate in less than a month and a half. It’s pretty scary! I’ve been on the prowl for summer opportunities in the dead of night. I just want to be done and off doing something great all ready so I can get into a steady flow where it’s easy to track, eat right and not have too much stress in my life. I’ve heard it gets much easier after college once you have found a job. Right?

I still want to eat right and everything but… It’s just incredibly difficult right now and I wish it weren’t so.

I know I said a few weeks ago that I love my body. I still do. But the scale has to go back down to where it was. Would it be wrong to have a fresh start, clear my WW history, and do my darnedest to stay on track? Go back to basics you know… Maybe that is what I need. What do you think?

On an upside, I have a great new way to track my food, activity, and such… My graduation present is able to download an app to do it! And I love it! I’m actually blogging from it right now. It’s just so convenient. ;)