On track = Productivity?

Ever since I have come “back to basics” on Monday, I feel like I have been more productive than usual. I’m trying to figure out if it is a direct correlation between knuckling back down with my program or the fact that spring break was last week. Maybe both have affected me positively…

It has been a good couple days! Not all of my homework has been done but I’ve taken care of a lot of things (I mean besides cleaning my room) like picking up my new checks and having a killer night of pole fitness and Zumba last night. My abs are already feeling it which means they are going to kill tomorrow… Bring on the pain! I’ve missed it so!

Checked the scale this morning and things are looking better there already. That really blows my mind that only 3 days of better eating can help so much! Just makes me want to keep going even more.


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