Musings of a Bridesmaid

My BFF’s wedding is this coming weekend so I’ll be hightailing my tush to Fort Lauderdale on Friday for it. Yes, I’m stoked to be able to go and be there for my girl in her line. There are no doubts that it will be an eventful and hopefully fun weekend. But…

As much as I love her, she’s asking me to do some… pretty interesting things.

Like the hour-long open bar. She wants her money’s worth and only half of the wedding attendees drink alcohol–so she’s asked me to drink as much as I can. She has even expressed that she wants me drunk but I really don’t want to. I’ll enjoy one or two, no more than that.

And then she said because I’m her only single friend, I have to have a “hot hook up”. Because what would a beach wedding be without one of those. When I asked how on earth that would happen, she said, “Oh, we already have a guy for you.” Supposedly he’s one of her Hubby-To-Be’s friends. An arranged hook up? I don’t even know this guy… I’m not so sure if I’m looking forward to this set up. Then when I ran this past my mom, she’s said, “Yeah, they want you to have sex.” At that point, I threw both hands up! NO WAY! I mean… that’s pretty personal. And so not me.

It’s almost like my BFF has forgotten the core of who I am in her excitement over this weekend. Then again, she hasn’t been around for all the changes I have gone through these past several months. I know what is fun to me but she wants a different kind of fun so I may have to disappoint her. Hopefully, she’ll be so wrapped up in the festivities that she won’t notice.

Until then though, I am prepping my body for some beach time (hello, bikini!). A few things I’m doing:

  • Sticking with fruits/veggies for more than half of my daily food intake.
  • Limit my whole grains (no white carbs or anything like that) to only 1 or 2 servings a day.
  • Lean protein only, once or twice a day. Same with non-fat dairy.
  • Green tea and loads of water.
  • Doing cardio for at least 30 minutes a day (even on Pole Fitness days).
  • Getting to bed by 10:30 at latest.

Then since I’ll be doing this for the week, it will be easier to stay on track while I’m there. Once started, it’s easier to stay on.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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