A Wedding of a Weekend

I’m so exhausted from this weekend I could just collapse right now… 10+ hours on plane rides across the country over one weekend is pretty taxing.

Plan-wise, Friday was great. I was able to bend everything to limited white starches and stuff like that but have everything I wanted at the same time (like the key lime pie dessert at the rehearsal dinner–so delicious!). As far as working out goes, I managed to squeeze in a little strength training in the terminal since I was freezing and it was the only way to warm up since I had no blankets. Then clubbing that night allowed me to dance my heart out for a bit! Tracking was good too! So triple check!

The wedding day (Saturday) started even better even if it didn’t end that way… Only two check marks for the day. Woke up bright and early to go do an interval walk/run workout in the hotel’s fitness facility. I broke an amazing sweat before popping over to breakfast with the bride where oatmeal and a hard-boiled egg were my saviors. After that, it was time for all the bridesmaids to gather to get ready in a mass of hairspray and bobby pins. Let me just say that I haven’t felt so chic in my life! The side bun I had in my hair seemed only fitting for the runway… but it was pretty. The problem with getting ready and such led me to not eating much during the day. I will get to why it was a problem in just a little bit.

The wedding… was absolutely stunning! It almost didn’t happen since it was pouring buckets at our hotel and my bestie said there was no way she was going to be married inside a room. It was only windy at the beach but still worrisome. But seriously, right as she walked out from getting bride-ready–the sun came out! So the ceremony was wonderful. It was exactly how I had ever imagined a beach wedding would be. The bride was absolutely breathtaking and the groom recited vows that I wish someone will say about me one day. I was trying so hard not to cry but he broke me…

After the wedding, we all curtailed our tushes inside for cocktail hour… which is where the no food became a problem apparently. I wanted at least one good drink so I told the bar tender to make me the best thing he had (that didn’t contain tequila, that is) and it was one of the most delicious drinks I’ve ever had. The problem? It had about 5 different kinds of alcohol in it so I was buzzed after the first drink. Then my gay buddy wanted me to get another since he tried mine and said he wanted to drink one with me. Yep. A very bad idea on an empty stomach but I was oh-so compliant because it was oh-so yummy (and I was oh-so-prematurely buzzed).

As soon as dinner started, I downed pasta, a salad, wheat rolls, half of my chicken and a slice of chocolate wedding cake. When I reflect back on it, I actually didn’t eat that much because I didn’t finish anything except for the pasta and salad. It balanced since I hadn’t eaten much that day anyway. But then there was champagne for the toasts. Oh yeah, I forgot that there was a Pinot Noir as well. In my defense, I only drank that because no one was refilling water and I couldn’t find a pitcher to refill it myself so it was my only option–I was parched!

Let’s just say my head was spinning quite fast as we went into the after-party dance. My best friend was pleased when I told her that I did get drunk even if it wasn’t completely intentional (“That means the party was good then!” was what she said.) Had a good time with friends, puked a little, then passed out as soon as I got back to the hotel.

My roomie and I went on a 30 minute walk yesterday morning to scout out the area for breakfast, where I only ate a fraction of it because my stomach wasn’t feeling so hot which wasn’t helped by the flights soon after. Once I had some grease from Wendy’s and pepto in my system I felt much better.

All that and I’m down. Success! Makes me glad that I had a great week leading up to the wedding. Now I’m back and ready to go again! Must get to bed early tonight though…


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