Challenge: Eat ONLY When Hungry

This is something that I’m sure each of us has struggled with at some point. Eat when we’re bored, when we’re lonely, and when we’re just browsing through our fridge or pantry because we somehow automatically go there at the end of the day.

Eating when your not hungry doesn’t really solve anything though. The sad part is, we all know this… but we continue to do it in some way or another. Like last night, even though I was completely satisfied after dinner, I decided to polish off the last third of my dark chocolate bar that I portioned out through out the whole week.

The first step to fighting this is realizing that we are eating for the wrong reasons. Number two, figure out why we are searching for food… which leads to the third step where we think of another way to satiate the need that clearly isn’t hunger. And fourth, do that instead!

Those steps seem easy enough, right? Like always, though, easier said than done.

But I’d like to challenge you for this week. Eat only when you are truly hungry. A couple good ways to figure out if it’s true hunger is to down a big glass of water as thirst disguises itself as hunger most of the time. The next part of the challenge is to only eat until you are satisfied instead of full since it takes the body 20 minutes to register fullness.

This is the challenge I have set for myself so I’d love for anyone and everyone to join me. What do you say? :)


Ravenous Mornings

A couple months ago, my Pole Fitness instructor said something that got me thinking.

“If you’re not starving in the morning, you’re not working hard enough.”

Interesting, right? When I thought back on it, the mornings following a heavy duty workout I’d usually find myself positively ravenous and I could never figure out why. And my instructor answered it without even knowing it!

I don’t exactly know the science but from what I found it’s because our bodies are likely in a prolonged energy burning mode for a long time after an intense workout. So by the time the morning comes our body has burned so much that we just need to eat something first thing in the morning so it can have some energy back.

Googling it, I read people complaining about it because it would derail their weight loss efforts because they would go overboard on food to compensate for the intense hunger. With my usual morning routine (apple with yogurt/oatmeal), this wasn’t something that I saw as a problem but I can see how that would make sense for a lot of people.

And this takes me back to willpower… you need that willpower to just eat what your body needs and just enough. What your body likely needs the day after a tough workout is protein and complex carbs so you can repair your body and have the energy to beat the exhaustion that is likely hitting. You don’t need to overdo it or eat til you’re full to reap the benefits of a breakfast like eggs with whole grain toast. Remember, protein keeps you satisfied longer. ;)

Have you noticed that you tend to be more hungry upon waking up the morning after an intense workout? 

Willpower vs. Want power

According to the WW “Willpower or Want Power” quiz that I found earlier this morning (which has become uber elusive like the Room of Requirement in HP since I can’t find it now and it was something I needed… figures), I have the want power to stick with my healthy habits. Unfortunately, I feel like more willpower needs to step into the game.
Yes, I want to be healthy. Yes, I want to be able to say no to temptation that tends to line my new house. Yes, I want to make that change.


Yes, I want to be a food purist and not eat the sugar-free and fat-free alternatives because they have stupid preservatives and sweeteners that aren’t any better for you any more than the natural stuff. Yes, I’d like that with a side of french fries. And yes, why not pick up my soda habit again as long as it’s not diet (stupid Barqs tastes too good for it’s own good)! *slaps head*

There is this battle going on within me ever since we have gone through the moving process. Things aren’t horrible but again, they are not peachy keen either. Lots of fast food and eating out over the past couple of weeks. The only activity I really got was from hauling in boxes. Tracking is going the best and that’s saying something because even that wasn’t flawless (pretty sure I only tracked the root beer once).

And I feel like I’ve gained 20 pounds even though it’s only a couple according to my scale this morning.

So I have the want power… so when will the will power step in?

What I’ve discovered today during my ponderings is that “want” is only the emotional part of doing something. It’s only half of the battle–the rest is willpower! Because if you don’t have the willpower to get something done then wanting it can only take you so far. The willpower is what keeps pressing you forward even if something makes you stumble. The want power gets you started and the willpower is the sustenance. Do you agree?

So it’s a combo of will power and want power that achieves results, is it?

Well, I’m glad that quiz popped up this morning because now I’ve evaluated my own willpower and given it a little boost to start playing by the rules again. There’s nothing wrong with the rules in my opinion. =D