Points Plus or Minus?

One thing that I love about Points Plus is that because of the free fruits and most veggies, it is possible to actually have an OP day where you end up well below your Daily Points Target. It’s crazy but it’s doable.

Case in point: My lunch today. It was a styrofoam to-go box filled to the brim with food and yet it was only 6 points in all. The contents?

2 C mixed greens
2 T fresh mushrooms
.5 C pears
.25 C each pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries, and green bell peppers
8 baby carrots
5 cherries
1 wheat dinner roll (2)
.5 hard boiled egg (1)
1.5 oz sliced turkey (1)
1 T ranch dressing (2)

Looking at that list, it’s a lot of food! Lots of yummy food that made my taste buds very happy (I wasn’t aware that our salad bar at work had so many yummy fruits). The crazy thing is that only the last four items are the only things that have a PointsPlus value (listed beside them). And I’ve knocked out more than my 5 fruits/veggies daily requirement all before 2 PM!

So now I’m looking at 20 points left for the day. I could use those to easily help polish off my GHG’s and also have a treat if I wanted to. I’m already debating if I want to do Starbucks for a skinny pumpkin spice latte (YUM! Perfect prior to my workout too for that little boost since I didn’t get enough sleep last night…) or Red Mango for my afternoon treat since I will have a break between activities this afternoon.

Not only is this why I love PointsPlus, but this is why it works. It encourages good choices and you don’t have to be deprived. Oh, so that’s why I came back to tracking with WW last month… ;)


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