Those sneaky workouts…

So crazy thing–my workout yesterday was really tame while I was doing it. My pole fitness instructor decided to do a complete core workout where I barely broke a sweat. Heck, I wasn’t even feeling half of the moves and so I attributed that to the fact that we have done more core than other body areas for a while. There was a point near the end where I even thought, “Seriously? This is all we’re doing? Not very challenging…”

Little did I know how sore I would feel today! Oh-em-gee! I really love it when I feel sore but I just was not expecting to be sore from yesterday since Pole Fitness wasn’t as intense as it usually is. It just goes to show that repetitive subtle motions requiring lots of body control can kick your trash just as much as some other high-intensity, hard-hitting workout.

I should have known that it was a good workout this morning when I woke up starving. Didn’t even think about it ’til now.

This can also be turned around on its head. There have been times where I have a crazy hard workout only to not be sore. That even happened for a couple weeks and it drove me crazy. If I’m having a tough workout, I better feel it the next day. So it’s weird when a workout is not very intense but still leaves me wincing at every turn in the 24 hours following.

Don’t you love how different kinds of workouts can affect your body?


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