Challenge: Slow Down!

How fast do you eat your food? Do you have a sip of water or set down your fork between bites? Do you chew each bite 20 times before you swallow? Or do you simply wolf down your plate before anyone else can get halfway through their own?

I’m not saying either way is wrong or right, but there are benefits when it comes to eating slowly.

The new guy I’m seeing (technically not-so-new since we’ve been into each other for two years) is a wolfer. However, he does have an extremely busy lifestyle (taking 21 credit hours this semester on top of a host of other things) so I can see why being an “efficient eater” would be necessary for him. He loves to eat but I often wonder how much he enjoys food since his fork is only empty for a half a second between bites before he’s shoveling more food onto it. (I must say that he has excellent taste in steak though… )

Over the past few years where I’ve been interested in health, I’ve read about studies on fast eaters several times… and they are three-times more likely to be overweight than slower eaters. The problem is that when you eat a lot of food super fast, your body isn’t given time to assess when it is full so you’re more likely to go overboard. Whereas, if you eat slower, you are more likely to stop when your body has had it’s fill of food even if you don’t finish your meal.

Another benefit to slower eating is better enjoyment of your food–and who wouldn’t love that? Food, while also crucial to survive, should be enjoyed!

So how about this for a challenge this week: Take the time to eat and enjoy your food for at least one meal a day. Turn off the TV, computer, or whatever and focus on what you’re eating instead (since those can distract body from recognizing full signals and also lead to mindless eating). Go slow and don’t eat while driving (dangerous!). See how your body feels and how much food you actually end up eating once you slow down.

I’m curious to see what you find out about their eating habits with this. If this is something you have already worked out, I welcome comments on your discoveries!
Good luck! =)


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